Portfolio Interior Design - Commercial & Residential Concepts

With a large portfolio of residential houses in big cities like London, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna or Rome we take on any size of interior project. We have developed concepts for classic style interior design houses but also for modern style interior design houses.

Nobili Design deals with interior design projects for mansions, two-storey houses, apartments as well as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial properties. Behind every residential and commercial interior design concept, there is a dedicated and determined professional willing to find the best solutions. Hours and hours of hard work are necessary to select even the simplest decor element or a furniture piece for. Your budget is important in this entire process, because even though the Nobili Design team offer a wide range of products, the clients make the final decision.

We offer our clients 3 types of interiors design services: the standard one (costing between 22-38 euros per square meter) the premium one (costing between 30-45 euros) and the one via online assistance ( costing between 20-35 euros per square meters) all of the prices are based on the overall surface of the owner’s property. We treat each project with the same interest and enthusiasm.

Regardless if you want to redecorate a house, re-compartmentalize a flat or a mansion, a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or a beauty salon, the Nobili Design team is at your service. The advice, opinions, and the input of the designers and architects will come in handy when it comes to opting for the services of an interior design team for residential or commercial project. Reach out to us for a successful collaboration with a team of professionals!

April 27th, 2021