Modern Interior Design

Residential interior design portfolio for luxury modern homes by Nobili Design. Discover projects for modern home interiors completed with premium materials delivered by Nobili Design. We delivered concepts for residential projects in many countries across Europe and across the ocean. We believe that art and culture have no limits, so we are where you need us.

Modern Interiors


Although both the modern style and the classic style have similarities that are based on elegance and refinement, the modern style is not attributable to the special details and the increased attention to decoration objects, perfect color symmetry and balanced organization. Modern style was chosen by our specialists for the interior design project, this space being thus impregnated with simplicity, clarity and maximum functionality.

There are the main elements that characterize the modern interior design style, namely glass, the idea of open space and opening especially for living and kitchen. If you want a modern interior design project for the recently bought house, the team of architects and designer Nobili Design will be able to consult you in the next stage of the dream home arrangement. For two-storey home owners, the classic decor style was always the number one choice.

However, if you are looking for the opposite of this luxurious style, the designers suggest a modern interior and minimalist style or even an eclectic one. Regardless of the clients’ preferences, the specialists at Nobili Design easily adapt to any demand. We have provided concepts for modern houses all across Europe.

We believe that the best approach one should have when creating a concept for a modern house is to collaborate with the customer and put his needs first. Two-storey houses usually involve an in-depth study when it comes to an interior design project. This is because the areas of the rooms are usually bigger. If you are a picky client and you want each room to have a different vibe and style, you will need the help of experts.

No matter if we are talking about a two-storey house in a classic and luxurious style or a modern and minimalist one, each incorporated element in the room of the house must mix perfectly. Of course this also applies to the selected colors of the walls, the decor elements, the floor and much more. Once our specialists design the 3D project, they will discuss with the client the offer regarding the necessary materials for designing a two-storey house.