Become Our Partner In A Successful Business

We became an internationally known company through the network of websites translated into 9 languages so that clients from all over the world contacted us to offer them our services and products of the highest class in the field of interior design. In the last year, we delivered furniture and interior design services to more than 20 cities in Europe and we want to expand the sales network beyond the borders of Europe.

We also have the resources and connections necessary to implement hospitality projects, having contracts with many factories that produce furniture for hotels and restaurants in Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The Nobili Design team with extensive experience based on creativity, innovation and originality offers interior design services and luxury furniture answering customers demands from all over the world. Whether there are requests for interior design consultancy, 3D design projects or the supply of furniture and materials for interior finishes, we have a team ready to respond any request showing availability to travel in case of large projects.

Over the years we have created successful partnerships with the most famous brands of furniture and materials for interior finishes in Italy offering our customers the products needed in designing projects.

If you want to become a partner with us to expand and develop together, write to our email address and tell us how you can join our global expansion project. Whether you are an investor, designer/architect or freelance commission agent, you can become our partner in a successful business.

Best Regards , Gabriela Nechifor – CEO

September 9th, 2022