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Classic furniture from the Opera Italia collection

Classic Italian bedrooms are elegant and can be easily integrated into any type of home. They are made of high quality wood and are decorated with skill and attention. They can be made of bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables and wardrobe. They can also have other pieces of furniture built in the same range. Italian furniture is known worldwide for its unique style and quality. It stands out for its attention to detail and its design. Thus, any piece of furniture is built by passionate and dedicated teams, in order to have outstanding results.

Classic bedroom white Pregno Italy

The furniture in the classic bedrooms integrates beautifully in the houses that follow the same style, bringing refinement and a warm, pleasant direction to the entire home. Also, classic bedrooms can beautify contemporary homes, which adopt a personalized style. Thus, one or all pieces of furniture in a certain range can be part of the set created in a modern room. You can combine several objects of the same style or join different models to organize an eclectic, surprising space.

Luxury bedrooms Giusti Portos

Emphasis is placed on superior quality in any aspect of Italian furniture construction. From the chosen wood to the smallest details of design or decoration, everything is made to the required standards. Therefore, the wood used is appreciated for its resistance and for its beautiful appearance. Walnut, rose or other noble essences can be used in the composition of the furniture. The decorations are made by master craftsmen, who follow a classic pattern, framed in a style well known throughout the generations. The finishes are made by hand with finesse and attention paid to each area. These details can make the furniture stand out and be considered a real jewel.

Classic wooden bedrooms Francesco Pasi Italy

Why choose classic Italian bedrooms?

The rooms that are furnished in a classic style have a feeling of warmth, of refinement. Italian furniture is comfortable and pleasant, being a real delight for anyone who uses it. The bedroom is the space where people rest, where they relax and relax. Thus, all pieces of furniture must be well built and beautiful, in order to have a complete relaxation, which includes all the senses.

Interior design with classic furniture

Modern houses, with large glazed spaces, white walls and massive openings, can easily integrate a classic bedroom. You can also join classic chandeliers or carpets in the same style, to complete the desired image. You can also choose some classic pieces of furniture that promote the built style.

Top Italian furniture brands

Houses that adopt a classic classic style, can enjoy the best quality, buying Italian furniture from Nobili Design. Italian luxury furniture meets the highest requirements in terms of appearance, construction, materials or artists who make interior projects. At Nobili Design, quality comes first.

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