Luxury bedroom furniture - Classic italian furniture prices

We greet our clients with luxurious and extravagant, classic bedroom furniture that will satisfy any demand. For our undecided customers, Nobili Design can help in choosing the right materials and pieces of furniture from a very qualitative range of producers, and as you’ll get to see in this furniture portfolio.

Besides creating interior design concepts, Nobili Design deals with assuring their clients the most suitable pieces of furniture, materials and appliances. The bedroom classic furniture from the luxury Italian line represents an audacious choice. Those who dare to break the patterns as far as the chromatics of bedroom furniture is concerned may select stunning furniture from the luxury classic line and that is the Meteora and Francesco Pasi collection. The italian classical furniture for bedroom will surprise your in a pleasant way due to the unique chromatics, an intense royal blue and textile combinations that are unique for upholstering the chairs. The furniture pieces from the classical line are massive and this is why Nobili Design recommends this bedroom furniture range for designing a classic residential space. If you are drawn to anything that is elegant and refined, the furniture pieces for bedroom from the Avenanti collection will be suitable for a classic bedroom style. This type of furniture embellishes any type of space, whether we are talking about an interior design project for a residential or commercial space.

Nobili Design collaborates with the luxury Italian producer and imports various bedroom furniture items on request. The client may order through the authorized importer, the specialists assuring a fast delivery in Europe. Placing the classical bedroom furniture pieces from the luxury italian brand Francesco Pasi requires choosing the right sized pieces. The specialists can help in the measurement and implementation process, the 3D project being a very useful option for those who wish to transform the dining room area.

A stylish look with classic influences can easily be obtained if you benefit from the skills of experienced and talented designers like those from the Nobili Design team. Their suggestions regarding the selection of the luxury furniture for bedroom from the Aveanati line helps implement a successful interior design project. Choose to upgrade a room by selecting the Italian bedroom furniture from the clasical line or any other item from the luxury italian brand. More models with classic wooden bedroom furniture manufacturers sold by Nobili Design at direct importer prices:


Nobili Design team knows that bedroom furniture, palette of colors, decorative objects and all the details in the room are actually the ones which help you to feel like home. We offer our services online and we can communicate any detail regarding your wanted project throughout e-mail: office.nobilidesign[@] We will send you a set of questions in order to get to know your desires, and of course, if you already know what you want, please send us the 2D or 3D project. On email we’ll communicate you the prices, the delivery time and of course all the details of our collaboration.

August 20th, 2021