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When you need a concept of architecture and interior design specialized for restaurant you should call Nobili Design. Our experienced team is your best choice for creating either a classic or modern interior design for restaurants and bar.

We have a strong reputation based on trust and quality services for a variety of projects including restaurants and bars, cafes and halls for special events.

Interior Planning For Restaurants

Portfolio of interior design projects for restaurants in classic modern style. Interior design projects for modern classic style restaurants furnished with premium materials Italia. Interior design for wedding events.

Bar and restaurant interiors portfolio

A restaurant is not just a simple space, it is a place where people come to enjoy and celebrate a special event in their lives such as an anniversary, a baptism or even a wedding. That's why attention to detail when it comes to a modern style restaurant comes first. Light colours, simple lines and a minimalist air recreate that modern style that restaurant owners are looking for.

Restaurant lounge wedding

By opting for furniture in neutral colours, such as white or cream chairs, and walls in warm tones, you'll achieve that welcoming air. You can place some modern mirrors to decorate the walls or even some crystal chandeliers to add a modern touch. Ceramic elements with clear shapes or decorative objects with geometric shapes are just some of the accessories that will take this restaurant interior design project into the current zone.

Choose professional materials

Opt for quality materials and finishes, such as a wenge-coloured laminate wood floor and furniture with modern shapes and lines to create the perfect interior design for your restaurant. Because such an interior design project for a restaurant depends on a multitude of factors, we recommend specialists such as Nobili Design, who will always have the solutions to your problems at hand.

Modern restaurant interior design

If you are looking for a new approach to the modern interior design of a restaurant, Nobili Design has been implementing innovative concepts for restaurant interior design projects since 2008. Whatever style you have in mind when you decide to start such a project, the team of designers and architects from the interior design firm is at your side.

Classic restaurant interior design

When it comes to choosing a modern style for a commercial project, specialists recommend the best manufacturers in the field in terms of restaurant interiors. Every table, chair, lighting fixture or flooring is of the highest quality, all to bring a dream space to life. The place where customers decide to spend a few hours of their time, whether dining or having a business lunch, must express comfort and well-being.

Discover top bars and cafes

Nobili Design prides itself with successful commercial projects at work such as restaurants, wedding halls, cafes and more in most of the big cities in Europe. Whether you own a family restaurant , before starting any interior design project a 3D project is imperative. This way experts can evaluate every detail of every corner and put their creative ideas into practice, always based on the client's wishes.

Commercial interior design

Nobili Design is an interior design services provider and for more than 10 years managed to share its successful projects all over Europe and across oceans. Nobili Design team is a big family of talented and professional architects and interior designers who are ready to face up any challenge might appear during the process of creation.

During creating these wonderful and unique interior design projects for our clients, our designers and architects have had the opportunity to highlight all of the aspects belonging to the classic, contemporary, eclectic, modern, and Mediterranean styles, owing to the fact that the arrangement offers large spaces with great illumination which never cease to amaze when it comes to luxury and elegance.

For the commercial portfolio our best designers always tried to keep up with all the details our customers asked for. We have the mission of fulfilling dreams and desires by making successful interior designs, and this is the main reason why we greet our clients with a wide range of interior materials imported from the largest manufacturers in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, and France.

March 13th, 2021