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Modern Italian bedrooms are a representation of contemporary luxury. The furniture in modern bedrooms recommended by Nobili Design is appreciated for its elegance and value for money.

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Luxury modern bedrooms

Italian bedrooms are a representation of contemporary luxury. The way they are built and their special appearance, make them fit into any refined and elegant house. The finesse of the design and the simplified lines bring a special look to the room, which can attract all eyes. In the realization of an Italian furniture are used essences of noble wood, materials of superior quality. The emphasis is on the construction method and on the details provided.

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You will find wood essences such as walnut or rosewood, along with other materials that stand out through beauty and strength. Thus, we can find in the construction of furniture elements of marble, glass, fabrics, fine leather. Various colors are used to highlight both the pieces of furniture and the decor of the entire room.

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The fine lines, reinterpreted starting from the classic ones and inspired by various areas of contemporary design, bring to this furniture a note of simplicity and novelty. The furniture of modern Nobili Design bedrooms emphasizes the precious craftsmanship of the finished finishes. The decor is finished by hand, paying attention to the smallest details related to appearance and combination.

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Modern bedroom sets

There are many elements that can be part of modern bedroom sets. In the center of any bedroom is the bed, majestic, beautiful, elegant and very comfortable. Then, you can join other pieces of furniture, such as bedside tables, a make-up chest of drawers, benches, a dresser or other elements necessary to build the desired image. A dresser for make-up is the perfect place to relax for any lady or young lady, and the bench can be placed near the bed to facilitate the organization in the bedroom.

Modern Italian bedroom beds

The bed sheet in modern bedrooms always has a special look, imposing itself through the built image, materials and decor. Therefore, you can choose upholstered or majestic style boards. In the contemporary, modern line, very tall slabs are often built, which visually comprise the room, or slabs with geometric shapes and drapes. They can include visual games of shadows and lights, directions that encompass the gaze.

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The finishes of modern furniture pieces in Italy are special, with combined geometric shapes and special materials. Therefore, you can find metal portions in finishes or sets of shades, shapes of various sizes and interesting overlays, which attract the eye. Therefore, the contemporary style allows the realization of multiple interior design projects with sets of furniture or with pieces adapted to the built image.

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The simple and carefully thought-out lines help those who want to have an elegant and special home. The special bed can be a decoration in itself, and the flow of the finishes and lines of the modern furniture pieces bring fluidity and comfort. The furniture in modern bedrooms recommended by Nobili designers is always appreciated for its elegance and for the way it can be adapted to refined and beautiful houses.

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