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The Nobili Design team of talented architects and designers provide interior design projects all over the world and has gathered in a decade a well-worth experience based on creativity, innovation, and originality. We offer interior design services and provide concepts for your home interior at convenient prices, and we greet you with the best interior designers you’ll ever deal with.

An exceptional interior design will highlight the house of your dreams

Have you always dreamed of an interior design for your home that seems pulled from the most impressive luxury interior design magazines? Nobili Design knows the secret behind these impressive projects. Our vision focuses on exclusivity and quality. Our interior design services are meant to impress with quality and precious materials, refined finishes and grandiose Italian furniture. Professionalism, creativity and the desire to create stylish houses are reflected in our exceptional projects.

Nobili Interior Design

Classic Interior Design

Our studio started from the passion for beautiful spaces. The Nobili brand has grown over time thanks to the formidable clients who have chosen to collaborate with our team of designers. Gradually we expanded our range of services and products to all cities in the country and even to major European capitals. We approach different design styles depending on the client's requirements.

A luxury home conveys sophistication and elegance through unique details such as branded furniture, perfect finishes and exceptional design accessories. We work impressive houses and villas, but also luxurious apartments, penthouses or commercial spaces. The secret of an interior designer lies in creativity and access to the best materials, so a company like Nobili must opt for classy furniture produced and imported especially from Italy. Excellence is the signature of our team. Since 2008, Nobili Design has been preoccupied with the creation of new, beautiful and original interior designs. To provide and ensure a technical and functional interior design project, our team of professionals collaborates with dedication satisfying the customer's desires to the smallest detail. Get a dream home in the heart of the city or in the heart of nature. Our designers raise any project to the rank of art.

Modern Interior Design

Transform a monotonous space into an oasis of pleasure and relaxation. Choose the services of an experienced designer for your apartment.


Hotel Interior Design

A luxury home conveys refinement and elegance through unique details. It is meant to give you a five-star experience every day through its grand and imposing appearance. The Nobili Design team specializes in the realization of interior design projects that will offer you a superlative experience every day. Interior design means more than a pleasing visual appearance. Our customers value a design that reflects the prosperous and elegant lifestyle. Our services reflect exactly this idea.

Add value to your life with a luxurious design