Living Room Furniture in Alessandria 15100, Sales Furniture Italy

If you are planning your home, then you need information about the style you choose, the direction of the décor or the pieces of furniture you use. The living room is the place where the whole family gathers and where most discussions take place, where those who live relax and meet at the end of the day.

If you are from Alessandria and you arrange your living room, then you can turn to Nobili Design, which is a furniture distributer from Italy. For Italian furniture you can access the collections below.

Here are the pieces of furniture you should not miss in the living room:

Fully Upholstered Sofa Choice Alessandria 15100

The upholstered sofa is indispensable in any living room Sofas are indispensable pieces of furniture in the living room. They are chosen according to the size of the room and the existing arrangement needs. The number of people who sit there frequently is taken into account when ordering and buying. Italian sofas are particularly beautiful, with classic lines, carefully crafted details. They can have various structures or shapes, being adapted to the needs of your home. You can also buy modern Italian sofas from the Cantori line. The Shanghai sofa has a metallic exterior structure with bronze, having a three-dimensional effect. The structure of the frame is made of solid beech and poplar wood, with small plywood inserts. The lining is not deformable.

Mixing or Matching Armchairs in Alessandria 15100

The matching armchairs are comfortable and beautiful. The armchairs can be purchased separately or can be part of a predefined set with the sofa. They are also bought according to the needs of the home. They can be placed next to the sofa or diametrically opposite, creating various intimate spaces for discussion.

Top 6 Furniture Collections in Alessandria 15100

The living room bookcase may include spaces for books and decoration The bookcase is an integral part of the living room. It can include spaces specially designed for books or areas where small decorative objects can be placed, which complete the desired image. Therefore, the classic Italian bookcase has special details, lines that fit perfectly with other objects in the same range.

The classic showcase is important to have storage space and to beautify the living room Showcases are classic pieces of furniture that are admired in any space in the living room. They serve to store certain objects, but also to beautify the place. Showcases can be part of a set that can be purchased in full.

Living room table for Alessandria 15100

The table in the living room is one of the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing. The size of the table is chosen depending on the size of the room. Always leave a space between the sofa or armchair and the coffee table or living room table. This may have details previously found in other pieces of furniture in the living room.

Nobili Design offers a wide range of products related to luxury interiors such as Italian furniture everywhere worldwide. Here you can find modern Italy bedroom furniture as well as various other options for the whole house. You will enjoy a house with a special look, framed among luxury decors.

June 30th, 2024