Take a look at this photos to check the latest interior design classic luxury home concept for special people in Stoke-on-Trent 432-ST1. This house on two levels is absolutely fabulous and luxurious with its precious furniture, finishes, accessories and colors. On the ground floor you can see a spectacular living area in the classic interior design style. There are a large, upholstered sofa in a white precious fabric and two matching armchairs.

Consider Professionals To assist

There is a coffee table, a chest and another table smaller in length but a little bit taller, good and practical for quick storage. All furniture is made of white massive wood and has floral details or golden patterns on them, which make them look so luxurious. Between the two upholstered armchairs there is a nother round coffee table good for some flowers. The drapes in deep red are giving the room a very well matching color, making it seem more vivid.

Small Pieces to Emphasis the Entire

The chandelier looks wonderful with the several tear drop shaped cristals hanging on it. On the ground floor there is also a good sized kitchen in dominant white and with the latest appliances for the best recipes to be cooked here. The dining room is in the same wider space with the kitchen but in the opposite side than the kitchen applainces. So this makes very practical to have kitchen and dining room in a one wider open space style of room. The stairs bring to the main bedroom and the bathroom which both look opulent with the luxurious fabrics and materials in classic interior design style.

Classic Design Always Sure in Design

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider which has experience in creating unique concepts for residential and commercial customers, either classical, either modern, contemporary in Stoke-on-Trent 432-ST1. We can also advise you with the full array of furniture, finishes and all that is needed in a house. No project is too little for us and we are always ready for a new challenge.


August 12th, 2022