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All our interior design projects for houses in Rome overflow with elegance, opulence and refinement, which can exceed anyone's expectations. If you want a house decorated in a classic or modern style, trust the Nobili Design interior design experts in Rome with confidence.

Starting from your wishes, we will first make a 3D model, then they will successfully implement the project, so that you can finally enjoy a house "like home"!

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When it comes to buying or building a house in Rome, one of the first decisions you will make is what style you want your home to be, and for that, Nobili Design is your main help in interior design. The difference between modern and classic houses goes beyond what satisfies the eye.

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Here are some of the key features that define these two popular styles. People often use the terms "classic" and "modern" as synonyms for old and new. In reality, there is more modern and traditional architecture than age. In fact, some modern houses are almost a hundred years old, and many newly built houses continue the classic style.

Interior design of classic houses in Rome

Although these styles differ in origin, the classic houses, in the vision of the designers and architects of the Nobili Design team, tend to have more in common. These features include large, open porches with sloping beams and rafters, sleeping, and a high, pointed roof with one or more sills. We use traditional building materials, such as brick, wood, plaster, stucco and stone.

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In modern architecture, Nobili Design rejects those classic flourishes in favor of a simple, clean design. If for the classic houses in Rome, we use elegant details, the modern houses remove the trinkets to let the basic structure speak for itself. Many modern houses have a flat or low-sloping roof, straight lines and a clean exterior with little or no texture. Our architects use newer, more technologically advanced building materials, such as reinforced steel, concrete and plastic.

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While classic houses made by Nobili Design in Rome have a larger footprint than modern houses, the space is usually divided into a number of small, single-purpose rooms, instead of a few large, modern ones are different. Nobili Design knows that according to the minimalist design, modern plans are optimized to make the most of space, with multipurpose rooms and transparent spaces with open concept.

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March 17th, 2021