Interior design Rome - Residential and Commercial projects

The design company Nobili Design welcomes its clients in Rome with much more than just interior design projects. We live the dream with you and every emotion. We come up with special concepts, created for each client, always exceeding expectations through elegance, opulence and creativity. Our clients in Rome are more than happy to discover our residential and commercial portfolio; are delighted to see all 3D interior design projects come true.


Architects and interior designers in Rome

Our team of talented designers and architects has the mission to fulfill dreams and desires, realizing successful interior design projects for houses and apartments in Rome and that is why we boast over 10 years of experience in this field. The best interior designers in Rome have the perfect advice when it comes to creating an ideal space that meets all requirements and in addition, offers our customers a complex portfolio of 3D projects from which they can choose the desired interior design: classic, modern, Mediterranean, eclectic or Scandinavian.

Residential interior design in Rome

Seriousness, determination, creativity, imagination and professionalism are the main features of our team of designers and architects, a group of specialists who design and implement original interior design projects in Rome, helping clients save time, spend money intelligently, make decisions and fulfill your dreams.

Interior design of classic style houses in Rome

Our interior design portfolio in Rome is very complex and well thought out to satisfy both our residential and commercial clients. We can create luxurious and elegant houses, villas, apartments, but also restaurants full of charm and luxury, hotels, hotel rooms, beauty salons, clothing stores and much more, we also offer our customers the opportunity to purchase all materials included in interior design projects carried out in Rome, directly through our company. 

Interior design company with projects in Rome

Interior design services in Rome

We have a wide range of interior design projects in Rome ranging from one-story houses and 2, 3 or four-room apartments, to large-scale projects such as hotels or beauty salons, restaurant and wedding events. We share our talent and originality in cities like Milan, Turin and all of Italy and we will not hesitate to go further. Interior design of modern houses in Rome Nobili Design takes care of its clients, offering them the highest quality interior design projects, both residential and commercial, in Rome and only. The best interior designers in Rome face the biggest challenges and solve them in the shortest time, following strict plans and rigorous models. Whether you are from Rome, Turin or Lazio, we can make your dream come true in terms of interior design.

Interior design apartments in Rome

Nobili Design is a team of talented architects and designers who want to bring satisfaction to the hearts of its customers, offering them unique projects in different styles. Our portfolio includes numerous interior design projects for houses, villas, apartments and more in Rome, Italy. We are eager to offer our services in the most professional way possible, that's why we aim to customize each project according to the wishes of our clients.

Commercial interior design in Rome

When we choose to define the interior design of our business, whether it is an office as a workplace, cafe, restaurant or hotel, we need to know which line we will follow. Nobili Design presents some aspects of the types of design we design both for our clients in Rome and throughout the country and abroad.

Interior design of Modern Commercial spaces in Rome

One of the styles we use is modern or minimalist design. It is perfect for the interior design of an office, restaurant, cafe or even a hairdressing beauty salon. Modern or minimalist decor should consist of colors such as black, gray and white and painting the ceilings, doors and windows in the same color will add style.

Contemporary style interior design

Italian furniture made of natural wood, with copper or aluminum inserts with wooden countertops, suspended steel cables, cement and glass. Nobili Design prefers to add a splash of color through a few colorful rugs, pillows and artwork to beautifully complete the interior design project created. When we want to bring a little warmth, we use natural plants. Also, a classic furniture or a crystal chandelier creates a superb and sophisticated contrast in the interior design process.

Interior design with Italian furniture

The classic style, if well designed, is pure refinement, reminiscent of palaces, richness and glamor. In this style, Nobili Design brings to the fore furniture and art pieces, as well as diffused lighting of classic crystal chandeliers. Gold inserts appear in the furniture and details, and the floors can be made of wood or marble. The most recommended colors are cream, various shades of beige, white and if you want, dark shades such as moss, black and burgundy. The style is perfectly suited to beauty salons, a more feminine outlet, restaurants, hotels and cafes that want to follow a more elegant line.

Luxury interior design in Rome