Architects from Nobili Design have designed a modern interior design project, realized in a very special way.

Comfortable interior design

Specialists recommend the arrangement of a modern space for people who are and have a modern lifestyle and who feel comfortable with the arrangement of the house in this way. The projects made by Nobili Design stand out uniquely as they are unique and special, they are personalized according to the preferences of each client and are unusual, because each project is marked by seriousness and professionalism.As far as the living space is concerned, it has been arranged in a modern style, as the opening of the living room and the kitchen in an open-space way.

The living room is equipped with modern Italian sofa and chairs, dark gray, similar to the one chosen for the Gazzotti Italy laminated wood flooring, specially chosen by our designers, given its extraordinary features. It was also preferred to insert a fireplace to create a warm and relaxing environment. Decorative wall paint is in the same chromatic note, which is decorated with paintings, which along with the other decoration elements such as vases or natural plants, increase the idea of comfort and relaxation. Adjacent to this relaxation area is the kitchen and an area with table and chairs for dinner. The kitchen furniture is modern, simple, white, the appliances being incorporated, with the aim of optimizing the space and organizing it.

Designing in a modern style

The main bedroom keeps the note of simplicity, the characteristic of the modern style, with a vibrant chroma, given by the decorative paint for the walls, as well as by the color stains attached to the furniture. It has been opted for an Italian bedroom, modern and simple, but also for a pale brown wood flooring. The two nightshirts are white, along with the TV set. It is remarkable the subtle presence of details such as paintings or vases.

The secondary bedroom impresses with color and the lively air, modern and warm. In addition to the layered wood flooring and the modern bed, the designers also designed a furniture suspended in multiple colors and bodies, made in various and rectangular shapes, the edifying feature for this style. And in this space, it was chosen to include details such as paintings, the modern lustrous pendant made by Ideal Lux Italia or the multicolored carpet for added color.

The bathroom was decorated in the same modern style, with a glittering porcelain tile and an open-colored tile. Since glass is one of the favorite materials for this style, Nobili Design specialists have chosen a transparent glass shower cabin. Also, in this regard, bathroom furniture is a modern, white furniture with a free-standing white sink and a large mirror with silver details. The space is naturally lighted through the large window, but it is artificially intimate through the suspended chandelier. The interior design project of the modern house was made by the Nobili Design specialists with a lot of passion, resulting in a special and warm design.


November 20th, 2022