The modern interior design project was designed by architects from Nobili Design in a refined, luxurious and elegant way.

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Although the modern style is not attributable to the characteristics of the classic style, that is, the elegant elegance, the loading with details, the modern style besides pragmatism and simplicity, can present the trait of luxury and elegance, all in impeccable organization and balance.

Modern Home Interiors

These are the features that Nobili Design specialists have surprised in this project, the result being spectacular. The living space is spacious, the overall note being relaxation and elegance. It was preferred to choose an Italian light-colored layered parquet to enhance this sensation, but also a modern Italian furniture, the Francesco Passi Italia brand.

Contemporary Living Room Design

The sofa was designed in a semicircle to create a larger space, the rest of the furniture being simple, a table made of wood and transparent glass, frequently used materials to illustrate the modern style, but also a dark brown-white window, used both for TV, as well as for the storage of various objects such as decorations.

The Ideal Lux Italy crystal chandelier, as well as the yellow drapery, add to the idea of elegance, comfort and relaxation. The high ceiling makes the transition to the upper floor, but it is open, which is why there is an impressive and modern note of space. The kitchen is fully furnished and fully equipped, with specialists choosing a modern white and beige furniture with built-in appliances and special details.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Suspended shelves, the elegant mobile worktop in its center, suspended chandeliers, and vibrant colors, such as curtains, outline a relaxing and unique ambience. Porcelain sandstone is light, in harmony with decorative wall paint. The bedroom is refined, stylish and modern. Nobili Design specialists have opted for an Italian, massive white bedroom bed, with superb details, which is framed by the modern Francesco Passi Italia cabinet. The predominant colors are white, cream and dark brown, for a fresh, innovative effect.

The creamy wood laminate flooring gives the room a warm environment, the same effect being inspired by their curtains and warm color. The organization of the space is optimal and balanced. For the walls, a similar tone for decorative paint has been chosen, and details such as decorative vectors or large mirror or suspended chandelier emphasize the idea of a quiet and relaxing environment. Moreover, architects at Nobili Design have also created a unique space and a modern balcony. Thus, in this space there is a lounge area and a relaxation area, provided by the presence of a modern sofa and white upholstered armchairs, in contrast to the one chosen for the furniture consisting of shelves, shelves, storage or decoration items, as are also those inserted by our specialists, namely vases, bowls or candles. Large windows of dark brown wood allow a natural illumination of space, making it the ideal area for unique moments of relaxation and comfort. The design by architects at Nobili Design can be described in one word: great.

November 17th, 2022