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Luxury Modern House Project and Italian Furniture

A design concept developed by the Nobili Design team for a modern style house decorated with premium materials and Italian furniture from luxury brands.

Luxury Modern House Project and Italian Furniture
Living Room Concept, Luxury Modern House
Dining Rom - Luxury Modern House
Living Room Concept
Living Room Interior Design
Dining Room, Luxury Modern House, Nobili Design
Matrimonial Bedroom, Nobili Design
Bedroom Concept, Nobili Design
Bedroom Interior Design, Nobili Design
Bedrom Design, Luxury Italian Furniture
Guest Bedroom by Nobili Design
Bedroom Interior Design, Nobili Design
Interior design Modern kitchen
Modern kitchen Concept, Nobili Design
Design concept for modern house lobby

Interior Design for Luxury Home

In order to give a personal touch and a welcoming atmosphere to the whole home, Nobili Design specialists pay special attention to the first stage in achieving a remarkable interior design: the discussion with the client. Thus, an interior design for your home will be based on every wish and specification that you have brought to our attention.

Passion, experience and creativity will help us to offer you an interior design plan that will surprise you and give you a personal and tasteful arrangement. From classic, modern or Mediterranean style homes to upscale or attic interior designs to an eclectic or contemporary style, Nobili Design specialists know exactly how to design all your wishes into a remarkable home interior design.

Modern style in interior design for homes

If a bohemian and classic atmosphere is not the right one for you, it is possible that the modern interior design will better suit your wishes. With a fresh and non-conformist air, the modern style is characterized by bold color contrasts, an arrangement that deviates considerably from the balanced and mirrored style of the classic design, but which manages to create an atmosphere that is just as warm and welcoming. This style is extremely suitable for any type of house, managing to amplify the perspective of space and give an invigorating and contemporary atmosphere.

Luxury Home Interior Design

Even though it is more common in the classic style, luxury is suitable for any interior design trend. A luxury home, regardless of style or layout, will include quality and noble materials, a juxtaposition of complementary shades with fine contrasting accents, optional gold and silver inserts.

How do you integrate luxury into the interior design of a home?

Built area: 325 m2
Living area: 34 m2
Bedroom area: 26 m2
Kitchen area: 29 m2
Bathroom area: 17 m2