The interior design of the house was made by the designers of Nobili Design in the modern style. Choosing a modern design is an option for modern and pragmatic people, as the approach to this style reflects an attractive, refined and unique environment.

Notes for a modern house

The design by Nobili Design inspired a special and relaxing note. The living space was designed according to a remarkable vision of the architects, who chose for this space a modern Italian black furniture, consisting of a sofa and armchairs, alongside the modern black table, the rest of the furniture being white. The black and white non-color chrome is an essential feature of classic style, the general note being a modern, relaxing and appealing one. Gazzotti Italia wood laminate flooring light gray to white, offers an elegant picture, outlining an open, clean and organized space. Beige draperies are mirrored in the ceiling with similar color glass, while the walls have been chosen for a modern decorative wallpaper with simple details in the same chromatic note with the whole space.

Decorating objects such as vases or plants, decorative cushions or even suspended chandelier luster are naturally embedded in the living room, this space being described by comfort and topicality. As for the kitchen, it has a futuristic and unique air, by inserting a semiprecious glass with a unique design and fine detail. The open porcelain sandstone gives the space a great feeling, and the Italian white furniture also helps create a sensation of space.

Best Furnishings in modern design

The dark marble furniture countertops contrast with the rest of the chrome, which is characteristic of the modern style. The appliances were incorporated into the furniture, the latter being complemented by a dining area, which includes a white table and chairs. The bedroom impresses by choosing a decorative wallpaper with unique and unique design, the color of which blends with that chosen for curtains. The space is a special one, with bedroom furniture in white and black tones and a white layered parquet.

Design objects, in the same black and white color, respectively bedside tables, or silver for bowls, figurines or decorative mirror and suspended chandelier give space a special, special elegance. And for this room, it was chosen to use a dark-gray glass-plated ceiling, which visually impacts visually, transforming the space into an extraordinary space. Nobili Design specialists have also left their mark on bathrooms, which are decorated in the same modern style.

It was preferred for an environment that respects the features of modernism, with a glass shower enclosure, either transparent or colored, or a free-standing bathtub, for a relaxing air. Porcelain sandstone and tile are the Italian brand, famous for durability and superior quality. However, the design is either simple, for tiles or with modern details for the tile, and they are alternating. The furniture is simple, white, to outline the elegance.

Nobili Design specialists have designed a new and unique modern design that features stunning details and stunning features.


November 23rd, 2022