Architects from Nobili Design have made a unique and personalized design project consisting of an interior design house arranged in the modern style. Modernism in the 21st century is constantly evolving, considering that this current is in a continuous shift for more than three decades.

Present Style in Design

Although it has not been confirmed, the history of modernism appears as a "rebellion" against classicism and its effects that have long marked the history of architecture. Thus, it was desired to leave the pattern, to create a new, unique style, unprecedented, without unnecessary detail, without the idea of opulent bourgeois. At present modern style can be characterized by simplicity, maximum functionality and great organization.

These were also the features that Nobili Design specialists have surprised in this interior design project. Therefore, the upstairs house living room is spacious, open with modern features both in terms of the materials used and the chosen color. Thus, the furniture in the living room is of superior quality, with sofas, armchairs, but also comfortable Italian cabinets and cabinets, famous for design but also superior quality. The idea of an electric fireplace in the living room instilles a space of relaxation and comfort, the space not being overloaded with design objects, the architects limiting only to the insertion of decorative paintings and plants, which are meant to instill the space.

Furniture modern flow

Adjacent to this area in the living room there is also a dining area, which includes a table and chairs, as well as the kitchen area that reveals the work area with that of Italian white furniture with Smeg branded home appliances, for a good functionality and organization of the space, but also another dining area. The kitchen area is a relaxing, warm area, as well as the chosen porcelain tile, as bright color. The hallway of the house was designed simply with a modernist furniture, organized with hexagonal shapes, which allows the storage of books or other objects in a novelty.

The stairs are chosen and decorated with wood, which makes even the modern air feel. The bedroom was conceived and designed in a special way, with fine materials of high quality chosen. Thus, the bedroom furniture is Italian, white, with a unique design, its tone reflecting itself in that of the curtains, light cream, such colors chosen for the modern carpet. The rest of the bedside and comforter's furniture is simple, white, the color of the red seat, which is also the red color of the painting.

The bathroom design was made in the same modern style by designers at Nobili Design. Thus, two sinks incorporated in a white wooden bathroom furniture have been chosen for a sophistication and elegance. The free-standing tub offers a modern and delicate air, being placed horizontally. For tiles, a simple, dark beige color has been chosen, while the tile has been chosen for a white color, the main wall being different in the sense that it has been chosen for a plus of color and modernity, a brick-like tile, light brown. The upstart home design, designed in a modern style, is a Nobili Design design, an ideal choice for people who prefer a modern and practical style.

December 12th, 2022