Check the latest stylish interior design concept for a modern house which combined the functionality with the design, in a very luxurious way.Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design service provider creating interior design concepts for apartments, homes, for commercial but also for residential customers. There is a rich portfolio of exquisite projects successfully made by Nobili Design such as high style shops, beauty salons, hotels and restaurants. The first thing that surprises when entering the house is the lovely colors and the sleek, innovative design.

The turquoise drapes next to the white curtains are making a subtle background for the interesting selected living room furniture. The large grey sofa along with the contrasting decorative pillows is making a statement of design. The living area is open and connected with the dining area, divided visually only by the way the furniture is set. Between the sofa and the dining area, there is an innovative white cupboard which is very surprising to see. Its sleek design and function are impressive. Also, the kitchen is very stylish.

With a central area for preparing the meals and enough space for storing stuff, is a luxurious kitchen many would love to have. To be noticed the shapes of the furniture and lighting objects. The luxurious sleek design is offering nice scenery to see. In the kitchen, there is also a small table for two people, just enough for a breakfast or a coffee. The bedrooms are very stylish and glamorous to see. The intense colors and nice shapes are creating a comfortable space, perfect for a nap. The bathroom is a must-see.

With warm colors on the background, there is a large cubicle shower and a pair of two sinks, set in a very stylish and handy way. Our talented team of specialists put together innovation, passion, and knowledge to create every single time a unique concept. With projects all across Europe in cities like Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, Nantes, Madrid, Berlin and so many more we are open to any size project.

In case you think of redecorating your home just reach out for us and you will be amazed by how your apartment or home might look. We can also recommend you the furniture that best suits your needs and tastes.

Check this impressive modern home interior design concept

Modern home interior design

November 1st, 2022