We are proud of the solid reputation we gathered along the years, a reputation built on trust and cooperation.We are very careful about customers' needs and do our best to create a wonderful atmosphere in their home or office. Our team at Nobili Design puts every possible effort to create a spectacular interior design every time. Our projects are always unique as our approach is based on innovation and collaboration.

We did many interior design projects for modern style houses but you can’t miss this one. We don’t say it to brag ourselves but to show you that we really put our best in every interior design project we do. The best word describing the style of this home is minimalism but to a different degree, more refined and elegant. The shapes are simple and clear and every inch is thought to be useful and good looking at the same time. We come with the best choice in finest materials, easy to maintain and surprisingly beautiful every time. The spaces are clearly defined.

The living room marked by a massive large sofa, in an interesting L shape of a copper brown color. There is a coffee table looking gorgeous in a contemporary design style. There is also a beautiful array of shelves and chests around the TV stand, creating a nice composition. The light chandelier is looking very outstanding in an interesting design. The bedroom comes from a Hollywood movie, with the sleek wardrobe, large and simple in shape but opulent in finish. There is also a large bed and nightstands on each side, very practical to store things.

The dominant colors are neutral, white, grey and natural wood color. We can provide the perfect interior design concept for your home or apartment but also for commercial purposes such as clothes shop, beauty salons, restaurants and hotels. Moreover, we can also advise you on the right furniture and finishes, from a portfolio of many luxury brands.

We have projects successfully done in big cities of Europe such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo. Just in case you would like a wonderful home or office for yourself, give us a call. We are ready to take your order, as challenging as it may be.

Fabulous modern house interior design concept

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Modern house concept

November 13th, 2022