The classic architectural style is characterized by refinement, fine organization, remarkable details, neutral and concordant colors, elegance and precision. The Nobili Design specialists surprised all these elements in the project, respectively the interior design of the classic house, the atemporality of the classic style being increasingly perceived by people who choose this style that not only does not disappear, which was improved only with the help of our specialists.

Home Inspiration Living Room

The entry of the house is fabulous, from the beginning it visually impacts through special attention points: the layered parquet (Gazzoti Italy), chosen carefully by our specialists, the classical classic furniture (Francesco Passi Italy), the chandelier and the ornamental chandeliers (Ideal Lux Italy), and last but not least, the chromatic space, specific to the classic style, a mélange of beige, cream, sunset, gray, coffee with milk and chamois.

The organization of the living room is interesting, especially in terms of its division, as our specialists have thought it and arranged it. Thus, it distinguishes a relaxing lounge area with the actual effectiveness of a living room, separated from other 3 spaces, namely a hallway, an office area, a desk and a library, and a recreation area adjacent to a green space, live, filled with energy.

There is also a wealth of natural light sources, through large windows, positioned on almost the entire exterior surface of the living room, which gives a bohemian, elegant air space, accessoried with courtains chosen by our specialists. The presence of details such as decorative objects, plants, decorative paintings or decorative profiles, together with the multitude of sources of artificial light from the ceiling, create a refined, delicate environment, within which any person of the classic style is preferred, for which the word "home", reflects an ideal place to relax and spend a great quality time.

Luxury Home Interior Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is decorated in the classical style too, as the decorative paint color on the walls is being symmetrical and consistent with that of the furniture and appliances among the rest of the house, except for the decorative details in the kitchen work area. Our specialists chose the Smeg appliances, as they blend perfectly with the classic style, but also for their utility and quality. And in this space, decorative crowns were chosen to outline the classic kitchen image. The bedroom presents the definition of classicism in a single image.

The general ambient note is warm, calm, simple, elegant ... in a word, classic. Our specialists also preferred the same choice in favor of a classic furniture brand Francesco Passi Italy, the candle and the ornamental chandelier from Ideal Lux Italia and the Gazzoti Italy laminated parquet, as they are refined, are superior as far as quality is concerned and durable. Also in this space the elements of decoration are outlined, like decorative objects, decorative paintings, chandelier and chandeliers for an artificial, overflowing, neutral chromatic luminosity and in continuity with the rest of the house.

Classic Bedroom Ideas Design

The color chosen for curtains, respectively brown, has the role, in uniformity with that of decorative pillows, to give a cozy, intimate note of the bedroom space. The bathroom was designed simply, but with style. The ceramic and tile were chosen from Mirage Italia materials, renowned for their quality and elegance in appearance and detail. Chromatic is also common to the entire space, suspended chandeliers with crystals and suspended lamps designed to create an elegant, intimate and refined environment.

The interior design of the classic house is a simple but sophisticated and complex one, with all the aspects that have contributed to its realization, our specialists recommending this style and this space for those people who care about their free time and who desire for their time to be contured by quality, relaxation, tranquility, harmony, peace and balance.

New classic interior design for luxury house

October 20th, 2022