Here is one Nobili Design classic house that looks fantastic and can become a dream home for our clients. Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider, can also provide a wide range of finishes such as furniture, ceramic tiles, lighting and much more. After the nice entrance to the hallway, which is quite welcoming, you can see the lounge, the living room and the kitchen beautifully connected in an open-space relaxin area.

Classic Home Design

The stylish way in which these are connected offers a good flow right from the entrance of the house, and continue in a very elegant way in every corner of this project. The lounge is provided with a wide flat-screen TV, seated on a white-colored piece of furniture, contrasting with a comfortable black sofa and the dark-colored dining area.

The lounge area has a traditional style sofa, as an addition to the one in the living room, and has the purpose to serve a house full of guests. The living room is embellished with a classic style sofa, an armchair of a similar style and a beautiful coffee table. The dining room area comes and greets with elegant furniture, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

The kitchen is wide and generous, and ready to welcome all passionate chiefs to cross its threshold and benefit from its luxurious appliances. The walls have a classic, visually graphic details that stand out, making the perfect background. The lighting objects are also finely selected and fit perfectly in a luxurious background. The emerald green drapes bring a good atmosphere in the daytime area.

Nobili Design team of talented architects and designers is the perfect choice when it comes to architecture and interior design services. Our rich portfolio is proof of the quality we put in our work for our customers, every single time. Do not hesitate to give us a call for the project you think about. No matter how challenging it might be, we are sure we can do it!

January 29th, 2023