The interior design of the classic style house was made by the architects from Nobili Design in a special way.

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The interior design of a classic style space has to capture special details, elegance and great air, so that the final mark of space should induce the feeling and the feeling of relaxation and comfort. This feeling is also inspired by the interior design project made by the Nobili Design specialists.

The house was arranged with a ground floor and an upstairs floor, the ground floor including the hall, the living room, the kitchen and a bathroom, while the upper floor was arranged for bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room inspires a classic warm air, the space is decorated with taste and refinement.

Specialists preferred the choice of an Italian high quality laminate flooring, a classic Italian furniture brand Francesco Passi Italy, white classic white sofa, light blue upholstered chairs, white wood furniture, carved with great details. The color chosen for curtains and the coffee table, red burgundi, highlights the whole space, giving it a fabulous note.

The details for which our specialists have opted include the insertion of a fireplace for a warm atmosphere, a gorgeous chandelier with Ideal Lux Italy suspended chandelier, as well as chandeliers with suspended crystals as well as subtle decorations such as decorative crowns and decorative profiles, of plants, paintings and various decoration items, such as figurines or vases.

Adjacent to the living room there is also a separate dining area, which includes an elegant Italian table and chairs. The kitchen is decorated in the same classic style, the open cream color chosen for the decorative wall paint, but also for the porcelain and home-made ceramic tiles is the one that offers a warm note.

It has been preferred to choose an Italian kitchen furniture, characterized by superior quality, Smeg appliances are incorporated into furniture, for an ideal organization and functionality of the space. Suspended lamps offer a warm light, the space is lit and natural with large windows and doors, thus allowing natural light.

The bedrooms have an elegant and sophisticated ambience, high-quality materials such as Italian white bedroom beds with a unique design, consistent with white choices and classic refined furniture. The Italian floor layered parquet helps create a stylish environment, and the suspended chandelier favors a diffused artistic light, outlining a special look.

And in these spaces there are classic objects such as vases, paintings or decorative mirrors, which are meant to embellish the space. Specialists chose a classic color, represented by the colors specific to this style, such as white, cream or beige, but it also offered a strong note of color for an outstanding artistic and visual impact, such as the colors chosen for curtains or decorative cushions.

The bathrooms were arranged in a comfortable and relaxing classical manner. Thus, with regard to the color of the bathrooms, an opaque color was chosen from the porcelain tiles and the open tile, but also from the Italian white kitchen furniture, with fine detail. Large mirrors, free-standing sinks, a free-standing bathtub, and hanging chandeliers make out a special, cozy and relaxing picture. The design made by designers at Nobili Design is a great project that manages to capture the features of classicism in the finest and detailed possible ways.

Interior design classic style house

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October 15th, 2022