When we choose an interior design style, either it’s a modern one, a contemporary, an eclectic style or a classic one we must have in mind the space of the house and the budget. The architectural projects that involve the interior design of houses always start from the taste and preferences of the client. If you love luxurious elements in each room of the house, Nobili Design recommends you opt for a classic interior design style.

Choose specialists in luxury interior design

To create such a place, you need specialists with a vivid imagination that know when to take risks. Maybe you need to re-compartmentalize a few rooms, maybe you want to create a more intricate aspect of the ceiling or maybe your house needs some costly accessories, each idea represents an innovation to obtain your dream house.

Choose quality materials and furniture

A classic style requires materials and elements that belong to deluxe manufacturers, which is why Nobili Design collaborates with best in the business. Elegant massive wooden italian furniture in fine colors can beautify any room in your house. Trust these specialists who will put a wide arrange of materials and finishing touches at your disposal.

You can go for a really imposing living room in which the centerpiece can be the furniture. A sofa with wooden legs and some sculptures here and there or an elegant tapestry can inevitably catch the guests’ eye. Next to such pieces, you can include a really massive library, a round marbled table and elegant chairs. Of course, there is more to this than just furniture. The little things such as paintings, works of art, drapes, vases and others must be chosen based on the style.

Works with renowned interior designers

So the client together with the designers will consult one another regarding these choices because the client’s wishes come first. We can’t neglect the ceiling aspect which for a classic style house must evoke the same refinement. So some interesting perches in neutral colors or even some paintings on the ceiling can completely change the allure of this room.

The floor in each room must be a high quality one, so the multi-layered wooden one in natural colors is the specialist’s recommendations. And for the kitchen and bathroom, tiles imported from Italy are a perfect match with the classic interior design style.

Each potential client has his own vision when it comes to redecorating a place, either it’s a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, a mansion or a two-storey house. Nobili Design transforms the clients’ vision into a pleasant reality.

January 20th, 2023