The classic house project for a residential customer was challenging at the beginning, but in the end, it went just perfect.Nobili Design offers architecture and interior design services everywhere. Either classic or contemporary house, we are there where you need us. If you have been around for some time already, you know that we and our customers enjoy the natural, light colors when it comes to architecture and interior design services, on a classic house.

But still, we take each project in a particular so we don’t have two identical houses, even if we use similar materials and finishes. But we keep our style which can be observed throughout the projects in our portfolio. This wonderful classic house has a good-sized living room with a big traditional sofa and matching armchairs, as well as two coffee tables for the guests. There is also the TV and its stand and some two round tables each with a lamp that gives a warm white light. The classic style chandelier matches perfectly with the lamps.

The drapes in emerald green and butter beige look just awesome. The interior staircase is quite impressive to look at. There is also a large vintage vanity type of table with a generous mirror. The main bedroom is a classic style as well, but minimalist when it comes to furniture. Just the strict necessity so to not overload the space, let the air to flow. A comfortable large bed and wardrobe, a flat-screen TV and some dark color drapes.

The decorative pillows are of the same dark color as the drapes, to have a game of colors in the room. The other bedroom hosts a large bed with high bedding, one nightstand on each side painted in white, each with a lamp of warm light. There is a dark chocolate color on the cover and on the drapes as well. The classic house hosts a dressing as well, of a large size, with many storage places.

A standing mirror is in the right place for creating a luxurious atmosphere. The open space kitchen is connected with the diner area. While preparing a coffee, you can also entertain the guests. I couldn’t miss mentioning the bathroom. The white pieces are finely selected and the walls have some nice finishes in natural stone colors. A graphic pattern on the large wall is impressive to see. Another classic house spectacularly created by Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider.

We can provide the concept but also the right choice of furniture and accessories. If you have a project in your mind, give us a call. Nobili Design team of interior design experts has made a wonderful project for a classic stylish home which is both classy and keeps the pace with the current needs. Updated classic style home interior design project.

Wonderful project for a classic style home

Wonderful project for a classic home

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November 14th, 2022