The entrance into this wonderful classic style home is so opulent, like fancy movie scenery. Nobili team is proud of this project and so are the customers. Every single inch of this classic style home is so charming.

The pattern of the walls embraces them in beautiful shapes and colors, the right background for furniture that looks like artifacts. In the day area, there is a hand-carved panel which divides the living room from the hallway that brings to the other side of the home, the night area. There is also a chest with 2 doors on which a high tech flat-screen TV waits to be played. The opulent mirror which hangs on the wall gives attitude to the house.

There is also a massive wood chest with 2 drawers which looks spectacular. On the side, there is a staircase which leads to the second floor and a wider mirror for checking your looks before leaving the house. There are some impressive sofas and armchairs of crème color, with matching curtains and drapes. There is a wide wardrobe with two doors made of massive wood with nice motifs.

Some opulent bedrooms with fine fabrics and materials of good textures are offering quite a rich feeling in the house. There is another panel resembling the one in the living room, this time dividing the bedroom from the office area. So if needing to send a quick email, a PC is at hand. The wooden wardrobe in the bedroom has nice carved patterns.

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider, creating classic or modern concepts for residential or commercial customers. Our approach is based on customer collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Every project is unique even when using similar colors or furniture items. We can provide the full concept for your project as well as the full range of furniture and finishes for your best choice.

Luxurious classic interior design home project that you must see

Luxurious classic project

November 1st, 2022