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Nobili Design team of architects and interior designers is eager to deliver the best projects for our customers.Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 1Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 2Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 3Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 4Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 5Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 5Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 6Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 7Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 8Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 9Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home 10Projects that answer to the customer needs and likes, that surprise every day through careful details. Nice fabrics, textures, and shapes that are pleasant to see and to feel. When seeing the spectacular photos you just wish you could be there. Don’t worry. Our team is ready to be there to take on a new challenge, no matter how difficult can be.

This home is so charming right from the entrance, once you pass the double doors made of massive wood with glass frames. There are so many items that capture the eyes and you don’t know where to look first. You are simply staring at that fabulous chandelier with many crystals in a teardrop shape that is hanging on the ceiling.

In the day area there is a 3 seat sofa in a beautiful crème color, the fabric looks so fine as well as the pillows covered in satin. Here and there, in the right spot, you can see upholstered armchairs with massive wood structure. The fabric is a hue between dark red and brown, must be very cozy. There is also a chest made of white wood and a coffee table in a modern style classic design. 

In a corner, there is another chest with a table lamp upon, such a nice arrangement.  The pattern on the wall makes the home seem very luxurious. The curtains and drapes are flattering the house.

The bedroom is hyper luxurious with the finest furniture and materials, fabrics and details. A massive wooden bed, a nightstand made of white wood on each side of the bed and a table lamp so handy when reading a good book at night.

If you like what you see, get in touch with our experts in interior design. We have a solid experience gathered in more than 10 years, doing classic and modern style interior design projects for commercial and residential customers. We can provide the full concept together with the right furniture and finishes needed.

Classic luxury style interior design project for a beautiful home

Classic luxury style interior design

Recent interior design projects   for classic houses

We have provided concepts for luxury classic houses all across Europe, in major cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, Nantes, Madrid but also Marseilles, even Sao Paolo, Hamburg, Berlin and Dubai. We believe that the best approach one should have when creating a concept for a house is to collaborate with the customer and put his needs first. Classic portfolio: classic house interior design concept | project for a classic style home | luxury home interior design | classic style interior design house concept | interior design project for a classic house | interior design project classic house | interior design classic luxury home concept | classic luxurios home interior design concept | classic house project | luxury classic interior design project | classic luxury interior design concept | classic luxury style interior design home. Residential projects that involve designing classic luxurious houses are part of the Nobili Design portfolio. The owners that have such imposing and spacious houses and seek a grandiose interior design to match can turn to Nobili Design specialists. In order for each room to harmoniously combine the element of a classic and luxurious decor style, the team at Nobili Design studies alongside the client the vast offer of suppliers and manufacturers. Each furniture pieces must be selected according to the client’s requirements and the budget allocated to this interior design project in the classic style. So the recommendation of the designer would be to choose a top classical furniture manufacturer from Italy that owns refined pieces. A classic living room furniture may contain a white pearly chest-of-drawers and a crème or ivory table which sits in the middle of the room. Of course the tapestry chairs in the same neutral shades will easily complete the entire ensemble. Massive wooden armchairs and a multi layered-wooden floor in the wenge shade are other defining elements that will help complete this entire classic and luxurious style. In order for the ambiance of the room to be a relaxed yet comfy one, a classic wallpaper either in strong tones such as a deep ochre or a brown color may add a distinctive allure to the room. The lighting pieces can also offer a classic allure to the room, so our suggestion would be a porcelain chandelier, either a white one or one in metallic shades. In order for the bedroom to have the same luxurious classic vibe, the designers recommend the same Italian furniture manufacturer. A massive whiter bed, a multi layered wooden floor in a crème shade and of course the basic decor elements in the classic style. We can include a painting, some mirrors, lamp stands and other light fixtures and pieces. The client chooses together with our specialist every single decorative element, from the simplest light fixture to the most complex finishing touch, no matter the room. The offer for these kinds of pieces is indeed unique, given the fact that the Nobili Design team is cooperating with the top manufacturers in the business. We recommend the best luxurious products for our clients and based on the owners’ needs, we have personalized offers for them. The luxurious classic houses normally require a bigger investment; however the final result speaks for itself. So, if you are looking to redesign your house in a unique style, feel free to consult with the best in the field in order to find out which is the process for such an interior design project regarding classic and luxurious properties. 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