Nobili Design is preoccupied with offering qualitative interior design services and a complex residential and commercial portfolio. Below, you can take a look at our latest project, a beautifully designed attic apartment that exceeds luxury and richness. Having more than 10 years of experience in the interior design market, Nobili Design is a team with lots of successful projects all over the world.

We continuously grow and evolve, creating new and unique commercial and residential projects, offering satisfactory results every time for our clients. We deal with interior design projects all around Europe and across oceans, always exceeding in elegance, luxury, opulence, richness, and glamour. In this particular category of our interior design creations, you can admire our projects for high-class apartment interior in all shapes, forms, and sizes. The symmetry, chromatics, materials, textures and the unitary balance have been highlighted thanks to our team of talented designers and architects, who have preserved the unique and elegant lines of these pretentious styles. In this particular project, we can observe a beautiful line of bright colors and shades all over the apartment. Beige, cream, and white are predominant in layered floors, furniture, curtains, and decorative objects. The living room, along with the kitchen and the dining room, are subtly separated by a table-bar, creating a beautiful unit that can be both relaxing and practical. The large dimensioned hallway allows you to enter each room of the apartment throughout white doors which are beautifully contrasted with the colored walls. Going to the intimate part of the attic apartment, we discover two outstanding bedrooms, very different in aspect but with the same level of luxury and elegance. The first bedroom is presented in a brighter picture, with layered wood pieces covering the walls, offering a rustic but luxurious aspect to the room. The king-sized bed is positioned in the middle of the room, allowing the pieces of furniture to be beautifully exposed throughout the space. The second bedroom has darker shades, with grey walls, perfectly contrasting with the white bedroom furniture, creating an oasis of relaxation.

Nobili Design is ready to come up with brilliant, unique projects and regardless of our customers' requirements, we always succeed in providing complete services of interior design.

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Luxury Attic Apartment Interior Design

Interior design attic apartment

November 15th, 2022