Architects from Nobili Design have arranged the interior design consisting of design interior clothes shop. See also Interior design terrace restaurant The project can be described by elegance, refinement and special beauty. Modern design is the one that defines this project, as designers chose modern furniture, colors that are specific to the modern style, but also characteristic features and features such as the presence of wood or strong colors.

As far as the furniture is concerned, it has been chosen for modern Italian furniture, characterized by fine, superior qualities. Specific to the modern style, it is organized in straight, horizontal, vertical, rectangular, flat, open or closed shapes. The color chosen for the furniture is modern and white, which also emanates elegance. What is specific to this style, being chosen by the specialists in view of the project, is that the space was organized in an optimal way, ensuring a complete and complex functionality of the space. Thus, the organization of the clothes is presented in a modern style, in sight, in a fabulous discipline.

It can be noticed that there are cabinets and shelves specially designed for shoes and shelves and cabinets specially designed for clothing. Being open, customers can see what they are interested in, what color they are, and where to guide themselves as they prefer. As for the sandstone, a white gilt porcelain tile was chosen to emphasize the elegance and refinement of space. The ceiling was decorated, trimmed, including decorative profiles with a special design, the color is double, a color game between black and white. The built-in lights of modern squares give the space a warm artificial lighting, highlighting the chromaticity and the way of arranging and ordering the clothes.

The color chosen for the walls is also black, while the color spot resides in the yellow decorative wall, revealing a modernist relief. Both in the front and back of the store, the specialists have set up two areas consisting of sample booths, areas where customers benefit from intimacy to sample clothes or footwear. Although the space seems relatively small, the architects foresaw the project in an ample and unique way, so that each space was carefully analyzed to create a functional and optimal room. As a matter of fact, each area of the sample cabin benefits from a huge, rectangular mirror, typical of the classic style, but not in a clothing store.

The main showcase area of the store was fitted with a customized, upholstered furniture of different sizes, allowing the insertion of the dummies, but also of the clothing and footwear. The area is open, so changing these elements is possible without great effort. The design of indoor clothing store is a special project, which presents a stylish and refined environment, being emphasized by the specialists at Nobili Design exactly what is specific to this project, but in a special manner.


December 16th, 2018