The latest project of Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider, is so awesome, that you should hurry to catch a flight to see it yourself!The latest finishes and textures, shapes and colors are blending to create a unique concept for a clothes shop interior design project. It couldn’t be less than a remarkable show for the exquisite tastes of the very important people that could hit this shop. The clothes shop interior design concept has been developed to create sensational feelings from the moment when you are reaching it and opening the door until you leave with your new purchase.

You will see that also the looks on the exterior are just as amazing as on the inside. Our team did so fine to match the latest pieces of furniture, in the contemporary style at a luxurious level and created this lovely scenery. Is clear like daylight that our team put much passion in the concept and also the knowledge gathered in no less than 10 years.

The fine materials and fabrics, the sleek design of the furniture and finishes, the luxurious lights and touches, all are playing a luxury show in front of our eyes. Every inch of the clothes shop is well structured and organized being practical for the staff and comfortable for the customers. It’s the kind of shop that is hard to exit from and is looking like a "fashion week show" location.

Nobili Design has a wide portfolio of customers and projects, from residential to commercial, from classic style interior design concept to contemporary interior design. No job is too little so if you think of redecorating your home or your office, just give us a call and reach out for us. We have created concepts for customers all across Europe but also over the oceans. We are there where you need us and we can also recommend to you the right furniture and fixtures. We can provide for you the full interior design concept as well as the best choice of furniture, appliances, and home accessories.

Interior design concept for a clothes shop

Concept for a clothes shop

July 1st, 2019