The design realized by the architects at Nobili Design consisting of the interior design of the restaurant is a simple yet special one. See also Interior design events salon project classic style The designers at Nobili Design studio have arranged the restaurant terrace in a modern Mediterranean style, with the characteristic feature of the project being nature. Thus, it has been chosen to shape a dining area in a charming, relaxing environment, the gaze being centered on the main image points, respectively the green given by the corner created by nature.

Therefore, the design of the interior design was aimed at the terrace, respectively a free space. It has been chosen to delimit the area by inserting a live green fence around the terrace, but also through the presence of large and small plants. Specialists have arranged the terrace area in a modern, light and airy style. It was opted for a marble-looking tile, in the color of the white, which is in the white mirror of the Italian chair.

The tables are made of light wood, they have both round and rectangular shapes. The furniture chosen was preferred by Italian architects, as it is renowned for its outstanding features and superior quality. In terms of lighting, specialists have inserted vertical metallic supports with light globes so that the terrace area can be used both during the day and during the evening, the ambient being a relaxing and comfortable, inspired by the atmosphere given by the systems artificial lighting.

Designers from the Nobili Design interior design studio also provided for this space and large umbrellas with a special design that allow space to be used both in sunny weather and in rainy weather. They can be used openly or can be closed if they are not intended to be used. The general chromatic note is a warm one, the colors that predominate are white, creamy and of course natural green. It is noticed that the terrace has a double opening, both from the outside, by delimiting the green space consisting of the living fence, but also an entrance to the restaurant, which is made through large glass doors.

The advantage of using glass in this situation is that it does not create the idea of a separation, but it is allowed to build an environment in accordance with the interior of the restaurant. Nobili Design specialists have arranged the project consisting of the restaurant terrace, in a unique and special way, the main feature of the interior design project being that it reveals a warm, elegant and relaxing environment.


May 23rd, 2024