Nobili Design specialists have designed the events salon interior design project in the classic architectural style, resulting in a fabulous project. 


Besides the main features of the classic style, which is remarkable by the presence of special details, the original decoration objects, but also the presence of certain materials such as wood, Nobili Design designers have impregnated the interior design of the events salon design with an extravagant and luxurious note.

Thus, high quality materials and high quality items were selected.The arrangement of the event salon required a careful analysis of the space, the specialists constituting various optically open areas, the main sensation that affects the view being one of space and ventilation, although a variety of decoration objects are present, which usually may tend to load space.

As far as the chromaticity of the space is concerned, there are the colors specific to classicism, namely beige, cream, light brown, dark brown, but there is also the color stain chosen for part of the sofas and chairs. So, the first area of the salon was decorated with upholstered Italian sofas and purple lilac chairs, which give the space a warm load and a sense of comfort.

This sensation is enhanced by the presence of luxurious chandeliers with huge crystals, the Ideal Lux Italia brand, which offers a warm artificial lighting of the space. It was chosen for an Italian-looking tiled marble, with a dark color and with special details, taking into account the elegant note of the space. Adjacent to this area is a bar, arranged in the same classic remarkable notes. Above the bar are suspended chandeliers with special decorative details, which highlight the design of the bar, which is unprecedented.

The large windows have been trimmed with fine curtains, and with respect to the decoration items, Nobili Design specialists have incorporated remarkable elements such as plants, themed paintings or impressive details in decorative profiles and cornices. The second area is also equipped with an elegant bar, the furniture of this area being a beige that includes a bar with Italian chairs decorated with great elegance, classic Italian tables and chairs.

And in this space, it was chosen to insert suspended chandeliers, given the particular impact they have on the room. As far as the decoration and the color of the walls are concerned, the architects from Nobili Design chose a classic chrome, consisting of creamy, light brown and dark gold, with a decorative wallpaper with specific details.

It can be seen that the entire space is dominated by a special elegance, with the specialists carefully marking each area. Thus, design objects, decoration items, statues, paintings, plants, fireplace or decorative lamps are present. The ceiling was also decorated with decorative profiles, each decorative sculpture embedded on the walls, waving a painting worthy of the 17th century classicism.

The classic interior design salon design project made by architects at Nobili Design is a great and special project that emanates elegance, luxury and extravagance.


June 13th, 2020