The most recent project of interior design for a restaurant wedding reception is something you really must see.Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider. We are proud of our large portfolio of projects all across Europe but also across the oceans. Nobili Design concepts are welcomed everywhere with the same enthusiasm that our team puts in every single project.

Our approach is based on customer collaboration, trust, and innovation. A wedding is a big lifetime event, is that day when promises are made and destinies bind together for the good and the bad times, hopefully for the rest of their lives. Such a project means a lot to our talented team, is a chance to shine and make a good and bold impression. Innovation and creativity must be at peak level delivering a unique interior design concept to remember about.

Our opinion is that every effort matters if it's made for the happiness of our customers. Our most recent project for a wedding restaurant reception is something you really must-see. The entrance area must create a statement and the whole concept must tell a story, a happy everlasting one. The stairs with the handrail and the marble floor look just awesome.

Light colors, soft materials, fine shapes all must be carefully selected. We like the way the restaurant looks with the precious hue of purple used to bring color here and there, not too much, not too heavy. The white round tables are encircled by white chairs in a luxurious, glamorous design. The chandeliers are rich and sumptuous, giving a warm white light. There is also a nice arrangement in the bar area with a unique display showing the fine, selected drinks. In over a decade we gathered significant experience and created special concepts for residential customers but also commercial customers.

We created the concepts for classic interior design houses, but also high style hotels, beauty salons, shops, and restaurants. We love what we do and put passion into our work.

Interior design wedding restaurant reception project

Interior design wedding reception project

January 23rd, 2024