Nobili Design is an interior design and architecture team of specialists in creating concepts for modern or classic homes across Europe and more.We are proud of the solid reputation we have built along the years, a reputation built on trust and cooperation. We are very careful at customers' needs and do our best to create a wonderful atmosphere in the home or office of our customers. We can also advise on how to select the right furniture and finishes, from a portfolio of many luxury brands.

We are very satisfied with the looks of a classic interior design style restaurant at which we have worked for. It’s a classic luxury interior design style restaurant which is really impressive to see. The statement is given by the luxurious materials and fabrics used in creating this splendid concept of interior design. The drapes and curtains are dressing the windows in a wonderful arrangement, with the best patterns and textures, in gentle hues of beige and coffee-latte, framed by the white wooden structure.

The fabrics on the chairs are really impressive, merged with the beautiful shape of the chair, practical and comfortable at the same time. The ceilings are well shaped and the chandeliers hanging down are very luxurious with fine golden details. The bar area is sumptuous with a mixture of wood and fabrics. There are some lilac tables and sofas which make a nice assortment, mildly contrasting with the beige and coffee-latte tables and chairs.

This classic luxurious interior design style restaurant project is really wonderful to see. Our team at Nobili Design is putting every possible effort to make a spectacular interior design every time. No two projects will look the same as our approach is based on innovation and collaboration.

We have projects successfully delivered to our customers in big cities of Europe such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo.

Interior design for a classic luxury restaurant

Classic luxury restaurant

December 23rd, 2023