Nobili design presents an amazing commercial project that will offer its clients a hotel room that certainly will feel like a home away from home. The design is created to offer a welcoming and comfortable mood for every person who steps in the room. Nobili Interior Design knows that people need to have a sense of home wherever they go especially when they travel.

We think about our client's needs and always put their requirements above all. We have a lot of successful projects, both commercial and residential gathered in a complex portfolio that shows our 10 + years of experience in the design field. Being so dedicated to our work, the professional team of architects and designers have a common goal: to create a perfect interior design for an ideal hotel room that can offer both comfort and luxury.

In a world where hotels are so diverse with different shapes and styles, it's really hard to find one that steps out from the crowd. Our team of designers took care of the latest project of modern interior design for hotel rooms. In the pictures above, we can observe beautifully combined shades of vivid colors, details visible in a discreet way, the well-lit open-spaces along with the asymmetry specific to the modern style, all have come together in the creation of a simple and welcoming room, with a personalized look.

Combinations of grey, white, black, beige and cream were used in every hotel room interior, resulting in a better and clearer highlight of the simple, yet elegant, characteristics specific to the modern style. The brighter shades were used, such as beige, cream, and pink, this leading to a chamber evoking a youthful ambiance. The golden details present in the lightning fittings complete this room’s chromatic tones, and the details of black color which are present in the pieces of furniture manage to create a fine contrast while streaming elegance.

Our interior designers and architects offer their services face to face but also throughout online communication, so we advise our far-away clients to get in touch with us on the email address: office.nobilidesign[@]

Here you can send us your 2D projects if you have something in mind, or you can just answer a set of questions that will help us elaborate the perfect 3D project for you. In e-mail, we can also offer you the right prices for any type of project desired and discuss all the details regarding our collaboration.

Modern Hotel Room Design

Interior design hotel room

December 25th, 2022