The interior design of the beauty and cosmetology salon assumed a great and special vision of the architects from Nobili Design.

Top Beauty Salon Ideas

The interior design of a beauty salon may seem difficult, as architects need to have a great picture of every space and its usefulness, how it will be functional and the perfect fit of the appliances and objects used to create an optimal environment suitable for organizing the actual activity.

Modern Beauty Salon Design

All of this has been taken into consideration by Nobili Design specialists, who have designed the beauty and cosmetics salon in a modern style, the result being pragmatic and functional, but also stylish and refined. Thus, with regard to the interior design of the main space, the hairdresser, the area was delimited in three specific areas, namely a waiting area, the capillary beauty area and the area for manicure and pedicure.

Luxury Beauty Salon Design

The beauty area was styled, with specialists booking a special area, separated by special white seats, a modern mirror adjoining each chair. In parallel, it was chosen to complete the space by inserting modern Italian black sofas and modern Italian white chairs. The antithesis of the two non-colors thus reveals a modern contrasting environment. The white porcelain sandstone gives the area an elegant touch, mirrored both the decorative ceiling and the luxury suspended chandelier, the Ideal Lux Italia brand.

The distinctly designed manicure and pedicure space is open and modern. The modern Italian furniture is represented by the double-glazed cabinets, which ensure optimal functionality and organization. The chairs and glass table, whose design also allows for a detailed organization of instruments and apparatuses, once again reveals the features of modernism, which is based on specific features, such as the presence of wood or glass materials, but also furniture design in various geometric shapes, rectangular, staggered, perpendicular, etc.

Architects from Nobili Design have also set up a modern kitchen, considering the chosen materials and textures. So, the same chromatic note, namely white, beige, cream, was kept. The furniture and appliances are white, the white porcelain tiles, the color spot being the cream chosen for the decorative wallpaper chosen for the walls. The kitchen has been chosen optimally and practically, so the furniture includes storage areas, table and chairs, and home appliances are those commonly used in a functional kitchen.

Modern style was chosen by architects at Nobili Design also in terms of interior design of the beauty salon bath. This space reveals a comfortable and elegant ambience. They opted to choose a transparent glass shower cabinet, Italian white furniture made of high quality solid wood with fine gold details, which enhances the idea of intimacy and comfort. Italian-grade ceramic tiles were chosen in the non-colors black and white scheme to illustrate the contrasting features of modern style optically. The massive rectangular mirror is an element of exceptional decoration, outlining a special image of this room.

Architects from Nobili Design have made a special design project of interior beauty and beauty salon, ensuring the optimal functionality of this space, designer`s professionalism anticipating every detail and every utility of this space. Interior design beauty salon

January 4th, 2023