The latest project of Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider, is so awesome, that you should hurry to catch a flight to see it yourself!The latest finishes and textures, shapes and colors blend to create a unique concept for a beauty salon. It couldn’t be less than a remarkable show for the exquisite tastes of the very important people that could hit the beauty salon. The interior design beauty salon concept has been developed to create a sensational feeling from the moment you enter and open the door until you leave.

You will also notice that the looks on the exterior are just as amazing as on the inside. Our team did so fine in mixing the latest pieces of furniture, in the contemporary style at a luxurious level and created this lovely scenery. Is clear like daylight that our team put so much passion and more than 10 years of experience in this interior design concept. The fine materials and exquisite fabrics, the sleek design of the furniture and finishes, the luxurious lights and touches, all are playing their dazzling show in front of our eyes.

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The entrance is large and so wonderful, is almost like a high-class hotel reception area. Each room in this beauty salon is well structured and organized so it became practical for the staff and comfortable for the customers. It’s the kind of salon that is hard to exit from.

Nobili Design has a wide portfolio of successful projects, from residential to commercial, from classic to contemporary. We are excited about challenges, so if you think of redecorating your home or your office, just give us a call and reach out for us.

We create interior design concepts for customers all across Europe and across oceans. We pride ourselves with lots of successful projects that will blow even the most rigorous expectations.

December 4th, 2022