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The elegant and glamourous style beauty salon concept Nobili Design recently did for a commercial customer is absolutely charming.Elegant beauty salon interior design project 1Elegant beauty salon interior design project 2Elegant beauty salon interior design project 3Elegant beauty salon interior design project 4Elegant beauty salon interior design project 5Elegant beauty salon interior design project 6Elegant beauty salon interior design project 7Elegant beauty salon interior design project 8Elegant beauty salon interior design project 9Elegant beauty salon interior design project 10Elegant beauty salon interior design project 11See this luxury fabulous interior design project for a beauty salon by interior designer.

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider. We are proud of our large portfolio of projects all across Europe but also across the oceans. Nobili Design concepts are welcomed everywhere with the same enthusiasm that our team puts in every single project. Our approach is based on customer collaboration, trust and innovation. We are passionate about interior design and we are very creative delivering a unique project every time.

The dominant color of this beauty salon is golden yellow, a rich and solar color that give a sense of playfulness, joy and wealth. You can see this color on the walls, a pale yellow golden color that makes a nice background for a beauty salon where you are welcomed. Here and there are accents of pure golden effects such as on the mirror’s frame and on the beauty salon’s logo. There are intense red color upholstered armchairs and sofas, which look very elegant, stylish and comfortable as well. The tables and storage furniture are in white color, made of massive wood, matching beautifully with the other colors. The beauty salon’s bathroom looks glamourous as well with pure golden effect on the sink’s tap, on the drawer’s handles and on the mirror’s frame. The ceramic on the walls is in sand effect.

In over a decade we gathered a significant experience and created special concepts for residential customers but also commercial customers. We created the concepts for classic interior design houses, but also high style hotels, beauty salons, shops and restaurants. We love what we do and put passion into our work. In case you have a wish to change the looks of your home or office, give us a call. We can deliver the full concept and the best choice of furniture, appliances and accessories.

Elegant beauty salon project

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