Luxury interior design - Interior design for the classic luxury home

The beautiful Italy, Palermo is the location of one of our latest projects of interior design for a classic luxury home. Nobili doesn't hesitate to exceed its customer's expectation with every successful project from its residential portfolio. We collaborated with our customer to get to the requirements and favorite style, colors, passions.

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Interior design classic luxury home
Interior design classic luxury home Palermo Italy
Interior design classic luxury home Palermo Italy
Interior design classic luxury home Palermo Italy
Interior design classic luxury home Palermo Italy

This is the most important part which defines a successful project and offers the most chances to get all the requirements done. But we don't look just for that, we put every effort to surprise the customer. We are proud of how well this project looks. The predominant palette of colors used for this home are so elegant and bright, it makes the walls seem so light and cozy. Sand color and white are found from the entrance to the living room.

There is a wonderful sofa with shell looks of pure sand color and there are also some brown-colored upholstered armchairs, with the structure made of wood. There is also a coffee table, a chest, and a flat Tv screen hanging on the wall in the right place. There are some graphic lines that look like a frame for the TV. The curtains and drapes are adorable, matching with the armchairs and the sofa. The chandelier is simply unforgettable.

The large bedroom contains a wide bed, a white sofa, a wardrobe made of wood with 2 sliding doors, a shelf for some books and a TV stand. The wallpaper is a combination of green and ochre lines that make the room seem taller and some white curtain and drapes. There is a secondary bedroom with a large bed that exceeds luxury and elegance.

The kitchen looks really luxurious with the latest appliances and finishes, the cupboards can store plenty of dishes and useful items for cooking. The bathroom is gorgeous. With a large mirror above a double sink, bathtub, a nicely designed space covered in warm colours and luxurious finishes.

The team of architects and interior designers at Nobili Design are ready for the next challenge. With projects across big cities in Europe, classic or contemporary, we are your best choice in this matter. Give us a call today for an awesome concept for your home or office.

Interior design for the classic luxury home in Palermo Italy

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