Online interior design services - Commercial and Residential projects

The idea of ​​working on the design of the house with an interior designer is regarded with retention by some of the clients. In an emerging market, the notion of interior design is still unclear. This is often associated with a whim, and not with a necessity. Many people ask: What does an interior designer do? How do you work with an interior designer? How much does an interior designer cost? Why should I call an interior designer? How to choose an interior designer?

Starting from these questions received over time, we thought about this article, where we try to clarify through concrete examples and useful and necessary information.online_interior_design_services

First of all, it is good to know under what conditions you could use an interior designer. Here are some possible situations:

Interior design concept - For a red house

The house in red means a construction with walls without plaster (exterior and interior), without finishes, without electrical installations gas, water, glazed windows. It is the ideal situation, because it allows flexibility in the interior design project, according to the client's wishes. The positions of electricity and installations are not definitively established. These can be indicated in the architectural project, but at this stage, modifications can still be made without affecting the work progress. Therefore, this is the ideal time to call on an interior designer, thus generating substantial savings of time and money, by avoiding subsequent changes.

Interior design concept - For a gray house

This involves a semi-finished construction, plastered walls, sanitary and electrical installations already existing, without the basic finishes: paint, tiles, faience, parquet, doors. Depending on the positioning of the furniture and its dimensions, the appliances or sanitary ware will result in certain positions for outlets and lighting fixtures. Depending on their type (chandeliers, recessed spotlights, light strips, wall sconces or lamps) there will be possible modifications of the installation, so additional costs in procurement, installation, roads etc.

Modifying an existing finished space (house or apartment)

In such a stage, modifications can be made, but under the careful attention of an interior architect who indicates what can be changed and what cannot. Any such modification is made only with a building permit! A plaster wall can be damaged or altered, but not a beam or a wall or pillar of resistance. The interior designer or architect will reconfigure the space according to the client's requests, with 2D sketches. In addition, it will provide three-dimensional representations where needed. After reconfiguring the space, follow the steps of implementing the details that involve the style of arrangement through colors, finishes, details of bedroom furniture, living room, accessories, decorative accents, etc.

What are the stages of working with an interior designer?

At the first discussion with the beneficiary, the interior designer learns details about his wishes and needs. Based on the sketch and the survey, the destination of each space and the client's intentions related to aesthetics and function are established. The preferences of color, style, models of furniture approved, passions can be the starting point for the arrangement, refurbishment or decoration of the space.

Concept and design of the interior in 3d

The development plans are realized, which include:

- variants of spatial arrangement (2D, 3D views, furniture and decoration details)

- the plan for possible compartmentalization, volumes for execution indications of finishes: tiles, faience, parquet, natural stone, wallpaper, decorative paint.

- lighting plan - positioning of lighting fixtures and sockets, light setting plan.

- 3D images and scale plans for the execution of the installation of tiles and tiles, types of sanitary ware and installation instructions for them.

Why is it more efficient to work with an online interior designer?

Working with a specialist, the client saves both money and time. If the house is taken to red, many stages are involved that depend on each other and may involve different teams of assemblers. In the event that the workflow by a specialist is not efficient, waiting times occur that delay the work and generate costs that can be avoided. The specialist knows the legislation and the norms of construction and has faced in the past with numerous aspects that could discourage a client.

The designer will make a list of works and a stage, from the beginning, for the beneficiary to be put in the theme with their order. There are categories of products on order, which are not in stock, and the interior designer will know when to order them so as not to generate waiting times but not to spend them by storing them. At the site stage, the designer interacts with the site manager, saves time and makes up for the lack of information of his client. In this way, hidden or unforeseen costs and waiting times can be eliminated, which is ultimately reflected in costs.

How much does an interior designer cost ?

In general, the cost is calculated per square meter of useful space to be arranged, but the size of the work and the space are also taken into account.

- the smaller the surface, the higher the price per square meter

- for a bathroom of 6 sqm, the same tariff / area as the one for a house of 200 sqm is not justified, because for a bathroom only a few hours are worked for stereotomii.

Public spaces such as (restaurants, bars and cafes, hotels or butique hotels, beauty salons, shops) involve a higher cost, as they require more information and additional documentation.

The cost of an interior designer starts from 18 EUR / m2 and is customized on the given space

A client, for a certain space, may want 3D rendering, to see details of colors and finishes, for other spaces not needing such a detailed project. Plans and sketches are essential in any arrangement or refurbishment work. 3D rendering is important because it is difficult to mentally visualize a space on a two-dimensional plane.

For example, for a 3-room apartment, the price of an interior designer can be 2,500 - 3,200 EUR, for a villa or house of about 250 m2 the price varies between 4,500 - 5,500 EUR, rates that include all the stages mentioned above - sketches 2D, 3D interior concept, sketches of sanitary, electrical sites, detailed design of furniture, choice of finishes.

When evaluating this cost, the time needed to complete a work must be taken into account, which generally involves several weeks of work (there are works that extend to a few months or even longer and the price will increase).

What is the cost of the products used in an arrangement ?

Take as an example a common case: an arrangement of a 3-room apartment, with an area of ​​120 square meters. To give you an idea, if we talk about arrangement as a whole: finishes, furniture, decorations, the estimate can be around 650 euros / square meter, that is about 78,000 euros for this type of apartment. With the same money invested, the difference between an arrangement made by a professional and one made by an amateur can be interior design luxury apartment

All discussions and information sharing will be e-mail ( ) so you save time and budget that you can use to implement the project. You can choose to order all the products from the project and we will take care of delivering them directly to your home. The two interior design service packages work perfectly all over the world, each customer choosing the service package that best suits their needs and requirements. Whatever your choice, we make sure you are fully satisfied with our services.

After more than a decade of experience in this field, we can really say that our clients trust us. We not only do what we are asked for, but we also go the extra mile for them. We want happy customers, we want to answer to their requirements and exceed their expectations. We are very proud and passionate about what we do. We employ a high degree of accuracy and attention and also use our flair to bring originality to our every interior design. We have a rich portfolio of classic interior design and also contemporary interior design projects. We worked for residential customers but also commercial customers, such as hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, or high class shops.

We are passionate about what we do, no matter where the destination can be. We have delivered interior design concepts for many big cities across Europe, such as London, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Vienna but also New York, Dubai, Sao Paulo and recently New Delhi, Jakarta. No matter how hard a challenge can be, we have strong belief that we can make it real.

In addition, you will know from the beginning what to buy, how much it costs and where to install it, that is, you will get rid of the repeated roads to the DIY store and the situations in which certain works have to be redone due to some aspects that were not initially considered. (for example, the location of the water pipes depending on the configuration you choose for the kitchen, the electric cables and the sockets, depending on the subsequent location of the luminaires and furniture, etc.). In addition, site supervision is a very stressful activity and at the same time inefficient if done by a non-professional, your time may be better used in another direction if you leave it to the interior designer or architect.

It was considered an arrangement with an average cost for furniture, ie a good value for money, with quality products produced in Italy or Turkey. In the above quotation, the furniture was made to order in Italy, customized, with finishes and quality systems (natural wood, MDF, veneer, top accessories). If the budget allows you, we recommend you invest more in furniture, to enjoy it for a long period (double bed, kitchen luxury interior design

We specify that the total price may be different for each case as many of the above aspects may undergo changes depending on the stage of the works at the time of taking over the project, the quality of the construction of the walls, installations or finishes. For example, walls and ceilings with flatness defects will involve larger quantities of gypsum or trowel, or uneven floors - costs of coarse or leveling screeds, and old installations also involve increased costs of materials and workmanship.

How long does an online interior design project last?

Making an online interior design project can take, on average, from 3 weeks to 2 months or even more, depending on the usable area, the number of rooms and complexity.

We mention that all prices in the article are informative, do not represent sales offers and do not create any obligations from our online interior design

online interior design modern house

Nobili Design is an online interior design service through which we offer a fast and convenient alternative to traditional interior design services.

E-design is perfect for those clients who are looking for design ideas and the experience of an interior designer, but who do not have the time or resources required for an a la carte interior design project.

The process is simple. We gather information from you to know your vision of space, then create a project customized to your needs, aesthetically and functionally. The documentation we will deliver will serve as a guide for the implementation of the project. With E-design you can solve the design problems of your space according to your budget!

Our E-design projects include all the tools needed to optimally configure a space that suits you and your style.

Read more about the interior design service online

Choose the package you think suits you and fill in the specially created questionnaire to help you define the objectives of your project.

Send us an e-mail with pictures and measurements of the room / rooms to be arranged, along with examples of interior design that you like.

- It is sufficient to send us the cadastral or execution plan

Depending on the ones sent by you, the budget and the package chosen, we establish the design direction that suits you, then we create an action plan. Depending on the package chosen, we offer you 1 to 2 weeks of post-design support to ensure that the project is completed.


You will benefit from the e-design service in the online environment, that is, from your home. This way you will be exempt from in-person programming, visits to showrooms or other time-consuming trips.


Through us you will have access to the offer of prices for objects of furniture, tiles, parquet, luminaires, interior doors, textile materials. In addition to the standard content of online packages, we can offer you design services for custom furniture with room rates.

For more details contact us and we will gladly inform you.

Online interior design services - Commercial and Residential projects

An interior designer is all you need for the furnishing of your home. Whether you are staying in a house, or in a block apartment, or if you want an interior design project for a restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, cafe bar, clothing or footwear store, floristry science organizes spaces so that responds best to practical needs but also to your preferences requires a specialist in interior design.

What can an interior designer do for you?

Develop an interior design concept regarding the style, color, atmosphere, your preferences and the practical aspects of the project. Some deliver only this concept, others transmit the project rendering in 3D.

Make plans according to the design concept approved by you

Select the materials to use for the implementation of the project. This activity, starting from the establishment of the products, (furniture for living and bedroom, chandeliers and chandeliers, tiles and tiles for the bathroom, interior and exterior doors, triple layered parquet, decorative cornices and baseboards, textile materials, curtains and drapes) , materials and finishes, all with a degree of budgeting, implies finding alternative solutions and unconventional landscaping solutions, such as the execution of some products on order.

Coordination of the purchasing activities, monitoring of the financial resources and the labor cost related to the implementation of the project, the effective coordination of the stages, from the picking up of the products from the suppliers, to the handling and arranging of them, until the stage of the final retouching.

Most interior designers will at first want to see with their eyes the place to be arranged, there are also designers who work intensely online. The first discuss with you on the spot and work based on the notes, the others see the house plan, then prepare questionnaires or interviews for the client and work according to the answers. If you give the designer a free hand he will work according to his inspiration.

Generally, for the work of interior designers, no quantitative assessment criteria are specified. They are paid either by the hour, by the square meter, or by the project. The payment for the time spent in the elaboration, monitoring of the activities, the monitoring and coordination on the site of the project is calculated taking into account its difficulty, the level of experience of the designer, the composition of the team, the type of legal organization of its members.

That is why the hourly value of the benefit varies greatly. An interior designer applies a general fee of 40 euros / hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the designer's experience, the amount increases to 80 euros/hour and more, and for the performance of an architect's company can reach 200 euros/hour .

Payment on the project is based on a fixed fee (ex: 1.900 euros for interior design in a 2-room apartment or 3.500 euros for a house with a living room, kitchen and 3 bedrooms) and the value of the service can increase in relation to its complexity. For a restaurant or event hall the wedding of about 400 sqm can reach 6.000 - 8.000 euros/project.

Experienced interior designers are engaged in a discount system practiced by some suppliers that offer them price reductions and allow them, in this way, to fit in your budget. Obviously, the value initially estimated for the payment of the interior design service can be modified depending on the evolution of the project, which is why an advance payment is preferred (percentage of the project value), followed either by partial payments, at the end of a stage in the project, or directly of final payment.

The step-by-step payment procedure is important as one can contract the design part with one design-er and the execution part with another. But before designing, you will need a specialized consultation, which in some cases will cost you.

So before you renovate or arrange your home or commercial space it is advisable to consider these expenses which may appear as necessary if you want the decoration to be done by interior design specialists.

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