This design service involves:

- Email ( ) the space drawings, some interior pictures and the decoration style that you prefer along with your project requirements, and we will send you the price offer for the design project that will be structured as follows:

- the price for the 3D project, which involves the creation of a personalized design concept, a set price based on the surface area, decoration style and complexity - price for the technical file with electrical and sanitary installations, sketches with the positioning of the furniture

- after identifying the decoration style, we will send you some space furniture solutions (furniture from the suppliers' catalogs we work with) so you can choose what you think is right for your home.

It's our job to harmonize everything in a Unique and personalized design concept that meets your requirements. When the project is ready, we will send you photorealistic-rendered pictures with the space you have decorated and sketches from the project map.

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All discussions and information sharing will be mailed so you save time and budget that you can use to implement the project. You can choose to order all the products from the project and we will take care of delivering them directly to your home. The two interior design service packages work perfectly all over the world, each customer choosing the service package that best suits their needs and requirements. Whatever your choice, we make sure you are fully satisfied with our services.

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If you have a large project, a big house, a restaurant or a hotel and you need all our support for your project we come to you to view the space and set the details of the project. During the meeting we will identify the arrangement style together, we will show you furniture solutions, products and materials that we use in projects and which we deliver directly to your location during the implementation phase of the project. This interior design service is designed for customers who have a complex project and want assistance during the project implementation. In this service we will prepare a project map containing all the technical information necessary for the implementation of the project (electrical and sanitary installations sketches, sketches of walls and ceilings created, furniture positioning sketches, photorealistic-rendering of the decorated space, plans with furniture and materials used in the project). We can deliver all the materials and products we use in projects, we can go to your location to check the project's work steps and to track the execution of the work according to the project file. The price offer for this

PREMIUM DESIGN SERVICE will be structured as follows:

- price for the 3D project set according to the surface, style of decoration and complexity

- price for detailed technical drawings-project map

- price for assisting the implementation of the project established according to the number of visits to the site for verification of the fitting works.

An interior design project begins with the 2D sketch analysis that you can attach to a mail along with some details of the fitting style. In the shortest time you will receive the price offer for the interior design project and then we will set the details of the project start or eventual meeting. The design project involves a space analysis and a detailed discussion about identifying the client's style of fitting, then we will transpose into the 3D space all the information gathered from the client and together with our creativity we realize a design concept that will fulfill all expectations.

You will receive photorealistic pictures of each room, sketches for electrical and sanitary installations, sketches with furniture positioning, ceiling sketches and other changes to space, which will help you implement the project. Photorealistic imagery is the ultimate result of our work which involves a careful analysis of furniture catalogs, product catalogs and decorative wall and floor materials, and expresses in detail the luxury and refinement of a personalized home. All the products you see in our projects are real and can be purchased through our company so that the 3D design project can become reality.

They are made from the luxury range of the most famous from Italy furniture brands on the profile market with which we have concluded contracts to bring to our customers everything new in the field of luxury interior design. Nobili Design is an online architecture and interior design services provider. We have built a good reputation based on quality work on residential and commercial projects. We provided different sizes concepts, in different places. With the help of our talented and professional team at Nobili Design we have created unique concepts of interior design projects.

After more than a decade of experience in this field, we can really say that our clients trust us. We not only do what we are asked for, but we also go the extra mile for them. We want happy customers, we want to answer to their requirements and exceed their expectations. We are very proud and passionate about what we do. We employ a high degree of accuracy and attention and also use our flair to bring originality to our every design project. We have a rich portfolio of classic interior design and also contemporary interior design projects. We worked for residential customers but also commercial customers, such as hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, or high class shops.

Thanks to our experience, we can find the ideal solution for any requirement. Any size of job is taken into consideration. Right from the early beginning we took the commitment to provide the best quality. This has helped us to build a good reputation and thanks to this and thanks to our talented team, we can prove our quality statement. Our quality work is based on client collaboration, high class design, innovation, and environmental awareness.

We are passionate about what we do, no matter where the destination can be. We have delivered interior design concepts for many big cities across Europe, such as London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Vienna but also New York, Dubai, Sao Paulo and recently Hong Kong. No matter how hard a challenge can be, we have strong belief that we can make it real. Interior design apartment onlineInterior design house online


November 25th, 2022