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Luxury interior design services

Nobili Design is more than just an interior design company. We are a family of talented architects and designers who are famous for their successful projects all over Europe and across oceans. With more than years experience in this field, we own a complex portfolio with both residential and commercial projects that exceed expectations throughout luxury, elegance and opulence.

Luxury interior design services
Luxury home interior design project
Luxury interior design - Italian furniture bedroom living room
Luxury interior design - Italian furniture bedroom living room
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Interior design concept modern luxury

Not only we turn dreams into reality, but we also do it in a very professional way that satisfies even the most rigorous demands of our customers. Not only we provide architecture and interior design services but we also deal with helping our clients choosing the best materials, furniture and appliances for their homes. When it comes to creating a perfect interior, we love to take risks and face up challenges so don’t be afraid to show us even the most excentrical 2D or 3D projects of your ideas.

We greet our clients with classic furniture that fits any type of interior and which can bring comfort and relaxation in your personal space. We also have a wide variety of modern, contemporary, eclectic, Scandinavian or Mediterranean style projects for which we can ensure you the right type of furniture, materials, decorations and appliances. We love to think BIG when it comes to our clients satisfactions, that’s why Nobili Design team is willing to take over any type of project, no matter its difficulty or size. Being the first choice of many clients from Rome, London, Luxembourg, Dubai, New York and many other major cities around the world, we are open to online collaborations that have been very successful so far.

Our furniture is very luxurious, created with high-quality materials that can exceed any expectations. Our interior design specialists offer advices in terms of choosing your most wanted style of furniture. By communicating online throughout our e-mail: office.nobilidesign[@], we will be able to find out what are your options for an ideal interior design. By sending you a set of questions, or receiving your 2d projects, we can figure out a plan to start with. Here we will also communicate you the right prices and assure you the terms and dates of furniture delivery.

Classic interior design

Luxury interior design services

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