We always advise our customers to be aware of the fact that hospitality is directly related to the interior. Anyone visiting any hotel will always search for good ambiance to recreate its mood or to feel changed. Hence a good interior can increase the customer base as well as serves better in terms of customer leisure.

Nobili Design team of talented architects and designers are always up to date with everything new on market in terms of interior design, that’s why all our projects are not simple, but luxurious, glamorous and opulent. We only use a wide range of high-quality products such as materials, finishes, furniture, and appliances. For the commercial portfolio, more specific for hotel rooms interior design, our best designers always tried to keep up with all the details our customers asked for. We have the mission of fulfilling dreams and desires by making successful interior designs, and this is the main reason why we greet our clients with a wide range of interior materials .

We have successful projects in various cities around Europe and across oceans: Paris, Rome, London, Dubai, Sao Paolo, and many others. Our interior designers and architects offer their services face to face but also throughout online communication, so we advise our far-away clients to get in touch with us on the e-mail address: office.nobilidesign[@]gmail.com.

Here you can send us your 2D projects if you have something in mind, or you can just answer a set of questions that will help us elaborate the perfect 3D project for you. On e-mail, we can also offer you the right prices for any type of project desired and discuss all the details regarding our collaboration.

Hotel room interior design

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Interior design online hotel rooms

Nobili Design team knows that a hotel room design is one of the hottest topics during the development of a new property. With a successful range of both residential and commercial interior design projects and a good reputation earned in more than 10 years of activity, the Nobili Design team know what’s best for its clients. We always created unique experience concepts, that aim to create the feeling of hospitality in a contemporary, classic, modern, eclectic, Mediterranean or Scandinavian style.

January 23rd, 2023