Nobili Design is an innovative and professional team of architects and interior designers who offers the best services at the best value for money rapport.We provide concepts for but not limited to classic or contemporary interior design projects, with excellent results across main cities of Europe and beyond. We can also provide the best choices in terms of furniture and finishes. We recently have worked for a modern house in London and we are proud of the results.

Not too much furniture, neither too little, but at the highest degrees of luxury and design, shapes and lines. There is a good flow from entrance to the rooms of the home. There is a wide open space living room connected with the bedroom. The furniture looks fabulous and comfortable, with good quality mattresses, covers and finishes. The colors are so friendly and well assorted.

Every item in the house is perfectly matched with the others, answering to the unity of the whole space. The items are looking so surprising and expensive due to their individual design, they look like real artifacts made by genius designers. The lighting installation looks fabulous like 2 wedding rings merged together. The marble effect on the walls is the cherry on top, making the home be a peak of luxury and style.

There is a wonderful storage item in the bedroom that looks just amazing, as if it was made of glass, but instead is made of varnished MDF, looking like a display in a futurist museum. There is also a similar nightstand on each size of the wide bed, with an installation resembling the one from the ceiling, but instead of two rings there are three connected rings that give a warm light.

The bathroom looks as if there is a 5 stars hotel, in a very modern style, with contrasting white and metallic hues. Nobili Design has provided concepts and services in many beautiful cities around Europe, like Rome, Madrid, Paris, as well as Milan, Marseille, Dubai and many more.

Our passionate team is ready anytime for the next challenge.

Interior design London

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Interior design house in London | Modern interiors design

June 7th, 2019