Nobili Design introduces you to a special, stylish contemporary interior design home that exceeds elegance, glamour, and style.

The contemporary style emphasizes clean lines and open spaces in the layout of a living room or bedroom. This style creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The feeling of openness of the elements and materials used is usually inspired by nature. The most popular colors with this style are neutral shades such as cream, white, brown and gray. Bold colors are usually used to accentuate a room. This can come in the form of a carpet or a painting. The furniture is usually made of wood or pale and can be closed or opened. The upholstery fabrics used in this style are usually fabrics and, in some cases, natural leather finishes.

The key to interior design services is an interior design project with a special approach. After you have made the decision to rely on Nobili team of architects and designers, you will get a 3D project with individual decoration elements, with furniture design, as well as with the design documentation required for the project, the elaboration of the material specifications and the preparation of the proposed budget for the project. In addition, the projects are carefully developed, taking into account all the subtleties and lifestyle of the client, his personal preferences and desires. 

We deal with interior design projects from all over Europe and across oceans, always exceeding the expectations of our clients through elegance, luxury, opulence, richness, and glamor. In this residential type category of our interior design creations, you can admire our projects for homes with high-class interiors, in all shapes and sizes. Our team of architects and designers has the mission to fulfill dreams and desires, carrying out interior design projects with a wide range of interior materials imported from the largest manufacturers in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, and Turkey.

For a dream house, office, apartment or villa, Nobili designers can adjust their work according to the demands and requests of our client. All our projects brought us a decade of experience based on collaboration, innovation, and trust. We pride ourselves with talented designers and architects who will provide the client with a perfect interior design style, whether it is classic, modern, eclectic, Mediterranean or contemporary.

Stylish contemporary interior design house

Sleek Modern Interior Design Home

January 14th, 2020