Nobili Interior Design architects and designers know how to use elegance and luxury in order to create the most unique projects for its demanding clients. 

Futurism in interior design and decoration is a trend to consider. Although the Nobili team finds great pleasure in returning to the past and rediscovering the classic and modern elements from the middle of the previous century, we are also targeting the future and trying to outline a new generation of styles. Thus, we can say that today we have two classes of approaches: nostalgic, which combines the modern with opulent forms of reality, and approaches focused on the invention of new forms of design that even send to science fiction.

By combining the right angles with certain contrasting colors, most rooms created after a futuristic design refers to the idea of ​​"controlled chaos". Curved walls and increased brightness are two other elements that characterize contemporary futuristic houses. White tends to become the predominant tone of this current, still in its infancy, so innocent. In other words, absolutely all the creative concept behind futurism is focused so far on the idea of ​​new and pure, being first and foremost a total reinvention of both the interior design style and the human lifestyle. 

A futuristic interior can bring a sense of freshness to the home, this impressive and creative design is wonderful not only for homes but also for clubs, bars, shops. The neon-lit environment, white furniture, finely padded and creative lighting are the hallmarks of a futuristic interior that the Nobili Interior Design team of architects and designers use for the client's satisfaction. Steel and glass-like surfaces, as well as atypical shapes, are common for futuristic interior design. But not only interior accessories and furniture can vary in strange futuristic forms. Window and wall niches can be made in a space-ship style and look very fresh and extraordinary. This style requires and welcomes novelty and creativity.

Geometric and asymmetrical shapes in furniture, decorations and accessories added an elegant air to this futuristic interior design created by our team. Besides the usual white, the futuristic style can support bright accents on accessories but also on brightly colored walls, paintings, and patterns. The combination of smooth and straight lines can make space look like a spaceship that can be decorated with leather furniture. The futuristic style does not just mean the white floor. here we can let the fantasy fly and combine black and white or other contrasting colors in the tiles, which can produce amazing results. Carpets and carpets with one-color or geometric patterns match the futuristic interior design. 

Futuristic Interior Design for Modern House

Modern Design for Contemporary Home

January 12th, 2020