Be amazed by our latest ultramodern project for a modern house interior that exceeds luxury and refinement. Nobili Design team created a very special and unique project with futuristic appliances and modern decorative elements that create the perfect home you ever dreamt of. 

The interior design of a modern space is different from the arrangement of a classic space, from all points of view. Thus, our designers from Nobili Design have created a modern and contemporary vision for this amazing, ultramodern house. The house has been designed on two levels, respectively a ground floor, including a hall, living room, kitchen, and upper-floor area, including bathrooms and bedrooms. The living room of the house sets a modern air, being specifically created for comfort, relaxation, and non-conformity. Our specialists had a complex vision, resulting in luxurious modern interior design.

The high-quality furniture is carefully chosen in different colors, mostly a mix of black and white, in order to avoid monotony. Thus, splashes of vivid colors such as yellow, orange, turquoise or green are found in the decorative elements or in the wallpapers.  The curtains were chosen in the same note, respectively a light gray in the living room, respectively, orange and green for bedrooms. The modern suspended chandeliers have been chosen by our architects due to their very modern appearance, having an essential role in arranging a truly modern space.

The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art furniture, modern appliances, and high-quality decorative items. The color of the kitchen is innovative, the colors being specific to the modern style, respectively white, black, gray. The light-shaded tiles offer a modern air, being chosen for the elegance offered to space.

Modern decorative chandeliers create a sophisticated and refined atmosphere. Glass was a main object characteristic of the modern style, so our specialists did not omit these details. Glass is the object of focus in the whole house including bathrooms and staircase. The bedrooms were arranged by our specialists in the same modern style, the modern beds being the center-pieces of an ideal relaxation oasis.

Nobili Interior Design team is ready for any type of challenge and will take over any project, either residential or commercial, all around Europe, Asia and America.

Ultramodern Design for House Interior

January 11th, 2020