Nobili Design successfully managed to create a unique modern project for a contemporary, luxurious home with lots of futuristic appliances, high-quality furniture, lots of elegant decorative elements. Convince yourself by our professionalism and innovation by taking a look at the pictures below. 

The choice of modern design for the arrangement of space should reflect the lifestyle of modern and dynamic people. Our Nobili Design specialists have surprised a modern and exclusive environment for this contemporary elegant interior design project. Modernism in architecture and implicitly in design was created and developed along with technology innovation and the evolution of society. It was preferred the "exit from the classic patterns" and the arrangement of different interior spaces, devoid of ornaments, not loaded with massive furniture impregnated with details were replaced with modern furniture and appliances, with details of glass, concrete, and wood, the general vision being a simplistic, pragmatic and organized one.

The interior design project of this modern house was carefully designed by the designers from Nobili Design, who managed to transpose the detailed arrangement of each space of the house, namely the hall, the living room, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. The living room is organized in two distinct spaces, one for relaxation and one for dining, both presenting the functionality characteristic of the modern style.

Our specialists preferred the choice of laminate flooring and high-quality furniture considering their design perfect for the given space. It is noteworthy that instead of the suspended chandelier with crystals or detailed ornament, our team chose modern metallic lightning objects. The presence of wood for the access doors to the kitchen and hallway is another feature of the modern style, while the colors found in walls, tiles, furniture, and draperies, respectively turquoise, navy blue, blue, gray, white and black are colors. and non-colors found in the modern style homes, which offer a fresh mood to the whole picture.

The bedrooms show the impression of modernism through the chosen colors (dark gray, dark blue, beige, white), through the simple furniture chosen, but also through the wooden furniture designed linearly, through vertical and horizontal forms. It was considered by our specialists the usefulness of the bedrooms mainly, as well as their functionality. The spaces instill the idea of ​​simplicity, organization, tranquility, and relaxation.

The kitchen presents a modern space, with modern appliances, chosen for their usefulness, functionality, and superior and modern quality features. The kitchen is airy, spacious, the colors are chosen, respectively white, black, and gray, outlining the idea of ​​extended space. 

Contemporary Elegant House Interior

Charming Modern Interior Design Home

January 10th, 2020