The owners of the luxurious modern house presented below decided to start the construction work because they wanted a generous home, but especially because they dreamt of a home that would not impose any restrictions on the arrangement. Nobili team of designers gathered their skills in interior design and created the perfect oasis for our clients.

A modern interior can be as elegant and sophisticated as a classic one, when space is tastefully furnished, using the services of an experienced designer. The project proposed by Nobili Design for the present residence is an illustrative example in this regard. 

The modern luxury style, with distinct lines and forms, clear and simple, finds its ideal expression in a contemporary refinement, denoting both confidence and finesse of taste. Therefore, the quality of the materials used and the impeccable finishes are essential for such an interior design project carried out by our company for this beautiful luxurious house. The furniture and materials proposed by us are imported from Italy and are presented to the highest standards, both aesthetically and functionally.

Also, instead of the chandeliers with classic crystals, specific to the classical style, for the modern style architects and designers recommend the use of modern, suspended glass or metal lighting systems, having a nonconformist and modern design, due to the quality but also to the special and unique design. The stoneware and faience will be noticed by the color but also by the design, which must be a modern and lively one.

Regarding the chromatic of the space, the modern style is specific to the strong colors, the non-white and black colors, usually, the specialists give the space a modern air by choosing a unique color, such as for example a light gray-dark gray, white mix. , black, with strong color for curtains, for example, orange, green or light brown. 

Each project realized by Nobili Design is unique, being realized once in a lifetime, it is personalized, being the essence of the needs and preferences of each client. Our projects are exactly the mark of originality and professionalism acquired through excellence in more than 10 years now. 

Modern Luxurious Home Interior Design

Chic Interior Design for Modern House

January 9th, 2020