Check this innovative and sleek beauty salon interior design concept made by specialists. Nobili Design is an interior design and architecture team of specialists in creating concepts for modern or classic homes and offices across the Europe and more. We are proud of the solid reputation we have built along the years, a reputation built on trust and cooperation. We are very careful at customers' needs and do our best to create a wonderful atmosphere in the home or office of our customers.

We can also advise on how to select the right furniture and finishes, from a portfolio of many luxury brands. The dominant colors of this beauty salons are actually the non colors black and white, like on a chess game. The colors can be found on the upholstered armchairs and sofas, especially selected for the beauty salon purposes, in ergonomic shapes and precious materials and fabrics. The drapes are black in a glossy finish that gives a sense of light weight to them. You will notice the fine lines on the windows which give a special aspect to them. The tables are made of glass and wood, in a very simple yet bold design.

The storage furniture is made of white wood and the chess game is going further. There are wide mirrors hanging on the walls which give a sense of more space and chandeliers in a very innovative design. The beauty salon includes fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Our team at Nobili Design is putting every possible effort to make a spectacular interior design every time.

No two projects will look the same as our approach is based on innovation and collaboration. We have projects successfully done in big cities of Europe such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo. Just in case you would like a wonderful home or office for yourself, give us a call. We are ready to take your order, providing the whole concept and the full range of best choice luxury furniture, appliances and accessories.

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Beauty salon interior design concept in Marseille | Interior design Marseille

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June 28th, 2019