An apartment interior design project can sometimes be challenging but for us was so satisfying. When selecting the favorite fabrics and materials, to the finest levels, we can’t lose. In fact we took on the project and we did our best, reaching the excitement of the customer to peak level. Nevertheless, we really put much passion in it as we always do so, and here we are with our modern apartment in final shape, so nice photos.

The dominant colors are white, pale pink and beige so the house has a very light atmosphere. But it is not boring because the finishes are of high standard, sleek and nicely shaped. You can go easily from the entrance through the living room, dining room as it is an open space type of apartment. Here and there are black accents and solid color blocks items like petrol pillows and chairs. The sumptuous chandeliers give a sense of luxury to the apartment. The latest appliances help this apartment when in need for cooking or watching the favorite show on the flat screen TV.

The house comprises also of a space for reading, a small office which is very at hand when needed to work something from home, sending an important e-mail. The bedroom is very precious to see. There is a large comfortable upholstered bed, with practical nightstands, a clothes wardrobe made of wood, painted in white and a chest for the TV. There is a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, really nice to see that too. Nobili Design team of specialists in architecture and interior design are ready for any size project.

With an approach based on innovation and trust, we are proud of a solid reputation built in more than 10 years. Our projects really tell a story, the customers’ story. We are very careful to listen the customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our portfolio comprises projects in Paris, Rome, London, Marseille, Sao Paolo and many others. For anything you might need in terms of architecture and interior design, be it classical or modern, home or office, give us a call. We can provide the full concept and choice of furniture and accessories.

Interior design for a modern apartment in Marseille | Interior design Marseille

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Office interior design Marseille

January 19th, 2023